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3 Season Premieres That You Won’t Want To Miss

I’m the person that watches five different TV shows at a time. I will also have about five different shows on my list that I want to watch but never actually get to. Every fall, multiple TV shows return and many premiere for the first time. I always fall into the trap of wanting to watch too many shows at once, but I can never decide which shows to watch. And as a TV fanatic, I feel like I should flesh out this season’s premieres and let you know which shows look the best for me. So, here are three shows on my radar for this fall:


1)    God Friended Me (CBS)

What’s It About: Miles Finer, played by Brandon Michael Hall, is a vocal atheist who gets a friend request from God on social media and ends up having the ability to change the lives and destinies of total strangers around him.

Why Am I Interested?: I’ve always thought about how my contact with strangers impact their lives and what their lives are like outside of our contact. So, the fact that he gets the chance to change peoples lives, who he doesn’t know, intrigues me. It also caught my attention putting God into a total Atheists life and I’d like to see the interactions and thoughts through his head while all this is happening.


2) A Million Little Things (ABC)

  What’s It About: A group of friends from Boston bonded under unexpected circumstances. They are all in different parts of their lives at the moment, but all feel stuck in life. They bonded together again after one of their friends passes away unexpectedly and gives them the wake-up call they need to start living again.

  Why Am I Interested?: This show gave me This Is Us vibes from the moment I saw the trailer. I love emotional TV shows and movies and this show looks exactly up my alley. It also caught my eye that the friend group is so diverse in personality and looks that they could be a real friend group you see on the street. I will be watching with my box of tissues next to me!


3) The Passage (FOX)

 What’s It About: This show is based on the book of the same name. It is a thriller about a secret government medical facility experimenting with a dangerous virus that could either cure all disease or cause the downfall of the human race. It follows a 10-year-old girl, played by Saniyya Sidney, who is chosen as a test subject and the federal agent who becomes her protector.

 Why Am I Interested?: Once again this show reminds me of another: Stranger Things. TV thrillers that remind me of things that could actually happen in the world always grab my attention quickly. Also, the show being from the point of view of a child always feels like a fresh and more interesting perspective, considering most shows are from teenagers or adults. Plus, it makes it 100 times better than the main character is a young black girl!



Josyana Joshua is a Junior, Journalism Major, Spanish Minor at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She was born and raised in New York. While currently deciding if she wants to pursue a career in intellectual property law, Josyana not only focuses on school, but also hopes to start her own Black-centered newspaper. In her free time, she loves to eat, travel, color, take photographs, and watch netflix. She also favors artists Shawn Mendes, Khalid, SZA, and Ariana Grande. While serving on the content and social media team for Howard’s Her Campus Chapter, Josy works to use her creativity to influence her Campus community.
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