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10 Things on Every HBCU Student’s Christmas Wish List

Here are 10 items that will most likely be found on every HBCU student’s Christmas wish list:

1.  Telfar

It is no surprise that this trendy bag is on more than a few Howard student’s Christmas wish lists this year. Telfars are all over the yard and the gram. The more they are seen, the more people want them. They come in the perfect sizes of small, medium, and large. They are a great accessory that can be dressed up or down. Matching is definitely not an issue as these “shopping bags” come in all colors imaginable. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new year calls for more Telfar bags on the Yard.  

2.  Headphones

Apple recently released their new headphones,“AirPods Max,” and customers took them off the shelf as quickly as they came on. So, what’s so good about these new headphones? Not only are they noise canceling, but they have spatial audio and a battery life of 20 hours. Their look is what draws most of us in though. They come in five colors that are all perfect in terms of how easy they are to match. They have a trendy look, one that fits the athletic, classic, and busy look all in one. 

3.  Diffuser/essential oils 

Room décor is what makes your dorm feel a little more like home. A diffuser is just the thing to pull your room together while also ridding your room of stench from any stress sweat. It can bring both a relaxing scent and look to your room. There are a ton of essential oils to choose from and there are different combinations that can really bring your room together. My personal favorites are; Lemongrass and Orange oil-for energy and focus and Lavender and Eucalyptus oil-for a calm environment for sleep. 

4.  HU Jordans

Everyone at Howard and outside of it has been waiting for the new HU Jordans. Now that they are out, it’s no surprise that people are ready to rep the best HBCU. Howard’s latest brand deal with Jordan has made it so every Howard student has a Jordan item on their Christmas wish list. 

5.  Blackout glasses 

Blackout glass can add something extra to any outfit. From jeans and a crop top to a sweatshirt and sweatpants, they are definitely a necessary addition to your accessory collection. They give Bad B energy and all you have to do is slide them on. I know these glasses will be on my wish list, so it’s time to add them to yours.

6.  The Ordinary 

The Ordinary is a brand I fell in love with the minute I tried them. Clear skin guaranteed. Their Website is built to help you find the perfect regimen and, finally, skincare that makes sense! The website thoroughly explains what is in their products. The videos they provided were extremely helpful and all their products are reasonably priced- definitely a necessity. 

7.  Shea Moisture 

“Welcome to the House of shea.” Shea Moisturizer has been a big supporter of black communities since day 1, and the products speak for themselves. They are great for the skin and hair, and are extremely healthy; No sulfates, parabens, Phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, and no animal testing. With healthy ingredients for all hair and skin types, there’s no way I’m skipping adding this product to my wish list. 

8.  iPad/ Apple pencil

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of “the college girl aesthetic” is the IPad and Apple pencil. The combination of the two is great for note-taking, organizing your life, and facetime calls when home is feeling a little too far. 

9.  Tote bags

The switch from carrying a bookbag every day to a tote bag has been a complete game changer. They are easy to carry, great for style, and practical for Walmart runs. Why not ease your shoulders while rocking the college girl aesthetic? 

10. Apple fast charger

Living in the city, you need every device to be on 100% at all times. The Apple fast charger will turn a 0% to a 100% within minutes. The charging block can charge any apple product. This fast charger should be on everyone’s Christmas wish list this year. 

Hi! My name is Darby Mutagoma and I'm from Freeport, Maine, by way of Kigali, Rwanda. I am a freshman at THE HU and I'm a Psychology major and Sociology minor.