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I have never really been very into podcasts. I have tried to commit to many of the popular ones for girls around my age: Emma Chamberlain’s Anything Goes, Lexi Hildago’s Moments Podcast and Call Her Daddy, or even those who have a wider target demographic: The Daily with the New York Times, or True Crime Podcasts. I haven’t been able to follow through with any of them over the years. 

That is, until December of this past year. My mom started telling me to listen to clips of this new podcast she was listening to, called Morning Brew Daily. I listened to the few minutes she told me to, then continued to listen through the rest of the podcast, then continued to listen to it every single morning.

Morning Brew Daily is a Monday through Friday morning podcast that briefs random, interesting, current news and events. It covers pop culture, the business world, and politics all in an unbiased manner. The episodes are never over 30 minutes, which is super important for people like me who don’t leave themselves a lot of time in the morning. 

The two men who run it are on the younger side, and are very casual and funny. This podcast is very informative, very fast-paced, and fun to listen to. I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to stay more informed about current events, or to anyone looking for a new, routine way to start your morning!

Bridget O'Toole

Holy Cross '26

Hi! I am a sophomore at Holy Cross and am majoring in English and minoring in Architectural Studies. I'm from Long Island, New York, and my favorite things include skiing, reading, yoga, and the beach!