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Will Bowers ’15


Name: Will Bowers

Major: Chemistry

Class Year: 2015

Campus Activities: Soccer, Dance Assemble, The Delilahs

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Relationship Status: Single


Color: Purple (Sader Nation, am I right?!)

Chick Flick: The Vow

Thing about your mom: She takes the best Snapchats ever

Thing about Holy Cross: The Edge

Memory from Freshmen Year: I spent the night on the bench outside of Mulledy when I got locked out.

Memory from First Semester: Retiring from soccer forever

Football Team: Redskins

One thing you can’t live without: Beer

Biggest pet peeve: I hate when things are dirty. 

What would you say is your anthem?: Any song on the Taylor Swift 1989 album

If you could trade places with anybody for a whole week, who would it be?: Taylor Swift

What is a story your parents always tell about you?: They usually tell people that I am a goon. They also tell people that I used to flush markers down the toilet as a kid or the story about how I was playing with dolls, and I hit my forehead on the doll house- it left a scar.

Describe your ideal date: I don’t know if I could get one, but if I could, we’d get sushi for a swipe at Lower, I’d even use a swipe for her. Then we’d have a picnic on the Kimball quad and after we’d dance the night away at the edge. To end the night on a high, we’d get milkshakes from Cool Beans.

Describe your most embarrassing moment at Holy Cross: Probably something that I don’t remember

Biggest Accomplishment on the Hill: Being Campus Cutie

Biggest regret: No Ragrets

Dream Job: Pediatric Oncologist or Professional Lottery Winner

Describe your life in 10 years: I am going to be retired after winning the lottery.

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