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Why You Should Get a Plant for Your Dorm this Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

As we slowly but surely make our way into the winter season, it’s important to find ways to brighten our days however possible. If you are like me, the sun beginning to set so early and the cold weather can often create a slump in productivity and motivation that can be hard to get out of. However, there are many ways to balance out the winter blues with other, more positive activities. One of my favorite ways to fight the changing of the season is to get a plant to take care of… and here are just a few of the reasons why!

  1. Connection to Nature

No matter how big or small the plant is, it still provides a vital connection to nature during a time when getting outside can be extremely difficult. Even a small exposure to nature can provide a calming effect and reduce anxiety while the greenery can be a reminder of brighter days to come.

  1. Air Quality

While cold and flu season rolls around, air purification is so incredibly important. Besides store-bought purification units, plants can supply a natural, clean alternative to improving air quality. Additionally, dorm air can get incredibly stuffy as well, and even a small plant can make a difference in freshening up the air.

  1. Mental Health

During stressful winter months, keeping good habits and routine self-care is vital to both physical and mental well-being. Studies have proven over and over again that taking care of a plant can improve mental health for multiple reasons. Firstly, by having a small responsibility in taking care of another living thing, growing a plant can promote accountability and give a sense of purpose. Secondly, as silly as it seems, a plant can be a comforting, reliable companion that can ease daily stress. Lastly, observing the growth of plants can often provide hope, either consciously or subconsciously, and reassurance in better things to come. 

BONUS: they look amazing!

Regardless of all other reasons, a (few) little plant(s) can be an adorable addition to a dorm–  and isn’t that all the logic needed?!

Overall, there are truly endless reasons to buy a plant for your dorm this winter, but I hope you take the time to consider a few of these benefits when you decide how to decorate your dorm this winter! 

Natalia Jacuch

Holy Cross '27

Natalia is a dedicated and ambitious first year student at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. From a young age, she has had a passion for creative writing and journalism, and she anticipates to declare an English major at the college in the spring. A New Hampshire native, she loves to spend time with her mom at the bay, go striper fishing, and go on adventures. She also enjoys making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and playing card games with friends.