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Why You’re Beautiful From the Inside Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

In this day and age, self love appears to be accomplished only when a woman has tailored her appearance to the strict, unattainable guidelines of what culture has deemed “beautiful.” Our favorite television shows and glamorous magazines are flooded with images of this “perfect girl,” making it difficult at times for women to look in the mirror and feel as though they measure up. I am here to tell you that not only do you measure up, you SURPASS the confides of the ideal woman; you are your OWN ideal woman and that is something to celebrate! Self love isn’t about changing yourself, instead it is about EMBRACING yourself- every bit of the amazing woman you are.  Let’s start the self love party… I’ll supply the champagne!  

A few of the MANY things that make you beautiful:

  1. Your smile – Nothing says BEAUTIFUL quite the way your glistening smile does. Whether you go wide-toothed at the sound of “cheese!” or opt for a simple smirk, this marker of happiness is the perfect accessory on you. Lipstick, optional. 
  2. Your laugh! Let alone that sweet smile, the giggle that escapes from between your lips when you’re overcome with joy is overwhelmingly attractive. 
  3. Your ability to make others laugh – Whether you’re the class clown, a tad bit sarcastic, or quirky in your own way- your sense of humor and ability to bring joy to others is gorgeous, darling. 
  4. Your intelligence – You are a student at HC, so I am going to go ahead and assume that that brain of yours is pretty spanking beautiful- filled with ideas, hopes, and dreams that are going to make a difference in this beautiful world. Use it well & challenge yourself often. 
  5. Your Passion for the Things You Love – How beautiful it is to devote your time and talents to things which you find fulfilling. 
  6. The Way in Which You Make the Best of Every Situation – You look on the bright side of life with that “glass-half-full” perspective. It takes serious beauty to view negative things in a positive light. You go, girl! 
  7. Your Helping Hands – The feats you are able to accomplish every day, whether it be that impossible problem set or placing the finishing touches on the painting you have been agonizing over for weeks, your hands are the gateway to making the beautiful creations of your mind a reality. Even more beautiful? The creations you make with your hands for others. 
  8. Your Dancing Feet – The way you let loose and shake your tailfeather with your girlfriends on a Friday night. Losing your inhibitions and living in the moment is beautiful in its own right. 
  9. Your Kind Words – The way in which you are able to ease the pain of others, make someone’s day, or light a spark inside someone through the use of your words is truly special. Whether it be an encouraging comment to your distraught roomie or your grateful praise to the cook at Kimball who has perfected your omelette- the positive messages you feed the world are quite delicious and satisfying. 
  10. Your Desire to Better The World – Your purpose at Holy Cross is to be a woman/man for others. In accepting this mission you have declared yourself as a selfless human being with plans to make a difference in the lives of others. This is a huge deal which deserves recognition. Pat yourself on the back, beautiful, and go out there and make it HAPPEN! 
  11. Your Imperfections – We all have them. Every day is not perfect, and neither is every aspect of every our self. It’s time we learn to embrace our imperfections and learn to love ourselves for who we are completely. You are not defined by your facial features or the dimensions of your waist, your grade on that accounting exam, or the amount of goals you scored in the game last night. You are indefinable. You are whoever YOU want to be and you ought to love her, because you know what? She’s absolutely worthy, special, and BEAUTIFUL!
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Alicia Perry

Holy Cross