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Why a Liberal Arts Degree is so Beneficial

Liberal arts colleges are wonderful, because they allow you to explore several disciplines and gain a wide variety of skills. Some claim that it can be difficult to find a job with a liberal arts degree, but as long as you know how to make the most of the degree you earn, you can establish a wonderful and fulfilling career! Here are a few suggestions for finding success with some of the most popular liberal arts degrees.

  1. EnglishI feel as though my friends who are majoring in English are most frequently questioned or even gently teased about their choice of major. This may be because English involves very little math or science, but that does not mean the degree isn’t valuable! Strong writing and communication skills are extremely important and are necessary in just about every career. So, in order to make your English degree shine, consider taking a few academic writing classes here at school and then trying your hand at freelance work. This summer, I wrote to a website I really enjoyed and asked if I could publish a few articles for them. They said yes, and we have been working together for months now! Also, an English degree is a rock-solid path to either law school or business school, both of which can lead to highly lucrative careers.
  2. Political ScienceAside from being a traditional prerequisite to law school, a political science major is also perfect for those who enjoy writing and hold informed opinions about current events. As a political science major myself, I know there are boundless opportunities for us to succeed! For example, many state political offices offer internship positions for motivated high school or college students who are interested in government. Applying for one of these internships is a great way to launch a career and gain a more intimate understanding of how our nation works. Political Science majors can also greatly benefit from taking Economics and business classes, as these will help broaden your skill set and deepen your understanding of the material you learn in your core courses. Many political science majors have gone on to become editors, politicians, CEOs, and teachers, which are all wonderful career paths.
  3. PsychologyPsych is a versatile and fascinating major that, while based in science, is often associated heavily with liberal arts. Psychology is perfect if you intend to become a therapist, but it can also serve you well in countless other careers. Who better than to serve as a public relations expert at a top fashion firm than a psych major? Psych majors also have the option of pursuing medical degrees if they select a few chemistry and biology courses for their schedule. If medical school isn’t your thing, I would recommend considering a career in business, media, or, as I stated previously, public relations! People who are psych majors tend to be eloquent individuals who understand other’s motivations, so snagging an internship in advertising would be another perfect choice. This is one major that comes with a fascinating array of options, so if anyone ever tries to knock your psych major, remind them how incredibly useful it can be to understand human nature. 
  4. Art HistoryArt history is an incredibly interesting major, because it combines many different skills such as expert visual analysis, concise writing, and excellent oral communication. Contrary to what many believe, art history majors don’t just sit around staring at paintings all day. Instead, they conduct complex studies on how the symbolism and style used in paintings convey different themes relating to history. Because of your keen eye and excellent taste, a career in fashion could be ideal for you, as well as interior design, business, and even publishing!

For every major listed here, the point is that if you work hard and pursue the career opportunities available to you, you will succeed. Just be sure to dress to impress and ignore anyone who tries to diminish the seriousness of your major. After all, people still read Freud and gaze at centuries-old paintings for a reason. We recently read Plato in my political philosophy class and that was written thousands of years ago, proof that writing and political science are important after all. These works are valuable, and our society could not function without them! Take pride in your major and your personal gifts, and you’re sure to achieve success.


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