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Why I Love Living in New Hampshire

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Growing up in New Hampshire, I couldn’t wait until I could leave. When I tell people I am from NH, they usually tell me they forgot that it was a state and there is nothing there. It wasn’t until I spent some time away that I realized how grateful I am to be from New Hampshire. Here are things I love about my home state and why you should visit: 

  1. Lakes 

New Hampshire has some of the most beautiful and clean lakes. It’s so nice to be able to just drive a little distance and be able to spend time at a lake during the warmer months. Although I love the ocean, it’s nice to get away from the salt water and be able to enjoy the warm water. 

  1. Mountains 

Foliage in New Hampshire is simply gorgeous. If you go farther north, there are tons of gorgeous hikes for people of all experience levels. The views are simply breathtaking and simply driving through the mountains is beautiful. 

  1. Small towns 

When friends come to visit me, they always say the towns remind them of Gilmore Girls. There are tons of adorable little New England towns with tons of small businesses and things to do. One of my favorite things to do is just walk around and grab a coffee. It’s also really sweet that so many people know each other. 

  1. Beach 

New Hampshire also has some really nice beaches. Watching a sunrise on the beach is always so amazing and it is so easy to spend the whole day there. 

  1. Seasons 

Having different seasons definitely makes New England very pretty. The summer months are so nice, the fall foliage is amazing, and the winter is a great time to go skiing. There is always something to do in the different seasons. 

  1. Boston 

New Hampshire is so close to Boston which is so fun for a weekend or a concert. It’s easy to just hop on a train, bus, or drive and spend the day in the city. Boston is definitely a different vibe than NH, but it is nice to have that variety and a taste of a big city.

Marisa Monahan

Holy Cross '26

Hi! I'm Marisa and I'm from New Hampshire. I love hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading, and a good coffee shop. I am a Psych major with a Neuroscience and Art History minor and will be graduating 2026.