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Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed singing and have been part of various musicals throughout high school but was never part of any serious group. I came to college unsure of exactly what extracurriculars I wanted to join – all I knew was that I wanted to find a group that prioritized community above all else. 

Unbeknownst to me, a group called “The Delilahs” were having auditions a few weeks into my freshman year. I randomly came upon the flyer in my dorm bathroom and impulsively planned to audition that day – time to make the Pitch Perfect dream a reality! 

From the moment I stepped into the audition room, I knew I found a group I wanted to be a part of for the next four years. A group that could engage over the gift of music while also lifting each other up and supporting each other was a nonnegotiable that I wanted to be a part of my college experience.

The part of our sisterhood that makes it particularly special is the sanctuary it provides during our three, two-hour rehearsals each week. We promise to listen to each other, support one another, be loyal, and offer advice throughout hard times. It’s something I value very deeply, and I hope remains one of the most meaningful parts of my Holy Cross experience.

The day I auditioned for Delilahs, the co-chairs at the time stressed this was Holy Cross’ form of a sorority. But it was even better. While the sisterhood part of it was definitely true, we all came together over our shared love of singing and more importantly, it became a form of relief amid all the frenzied tasks of our everyday lives. 

I want to stress the importance of having and maintaining communities like this in your life. College is the time to make the things you love a priority and find activities that are genuinely enjoyable!

Maura Downing

Holy Cross '26

Maura is from New Jersey majoring in English and Classics. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and singing!