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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Studying abroad was something I never planned on doing before attending college. This idea was not really on my radar, and I never thought about going for a full year. My first interaction with this idea came last spring when they sent out an email about the Maymester programs. After reading about them in this email, the geology program in Rome caught my attention. I always loved learning about geology, architecture, and history and thought to myself, “That seems pretty fun.” 

Looking at the description and then the application, I debated applying, weighing the pros and cons. I did not know anyone going, however, I would be able to travel, learn new material in a more hands-on way, and visit family. I ultimately decided to apply and told myself “If I get in I will go.” Later, I found out the results and the next thing I knew, I was in Rome. I was filled with excitement and fear but had encouragement from my mom, who told me to do it. My mom has always been my biggest supporter in my life and has encouraged me to try new things, as well as travel. She always says, “travel while you have the time to still do it.” The experience was incredible and by far one of the best summers I have had. 

From this, I decided to apply to study in Ireland for a semester. However, this quickly changed when I heard of availability in the year-long program at Trinity College Dublin. Having never been to Ireland before I was hesitant and felt very stressed, as I was given a total of one week to decide what to do. Like I had done before, I went to my mom and she gave me the same advice. She told me to see if I was able to do it first, to check my major requirements, and most importantly to look at how I felt about the whole thing– outside of what I was being told by others to do. After taking a step back and reflecting on this, I realized I had finished my common area requirements and only had a couple left for my majors, meaning that I would be able to study abroad for the academic year. I told her that the only thing I was scared of was being away from home and in a new country. She still supported me and said, “Although I will miss you, it will be a lot of fun.” On the last day to decide, I switched my program and applied to study abroad this year. 

With support from my mother and following her idea to try new experiences when I have the opportunity, I feel more confident in my choice and that this will offer me the chance to study subjects I am interested in from a new perspective, as well as explore a unique city. When all is said and done, I chose to study abroad because of the encouragement I received from my mother, who has always been my role model and has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Kyra Corbisiero is currently a sophomore at College of the Holy Cross is majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Kyra loves fashion, movies, architecture, travel, and the social sciences.