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Why Drifting Apart From Your High School Friends is Normal

Leaving your best friends at college to return home is hard. Naturally you’ll miss them all because they are important fixtures in your college life — but what happens when you go home to see your “old” group of best friends?  Some students are still close with their best friends from childhood and always will be.

Old friendships are important – those are the people that have been with you while you grew up. They were there for the braces, the first loves, and everything in between. Friendships that can handle distance and time apart are special and will endure forever.


Memories with my friends from high school still make me happy, and I will always cherish them. But I also recognize that the me from high school is not the same as the me four years later. I do not have as much as common with the group as I did before, and our interests have evolved into different things. I’m not sure how much we will hang out this summer, if ever. It is sad to realize that I only ever hear from friends from home when they have life updates, primarily surrounding boys. It’s come to the point that I don’t tell them about my own love life updates, because why bother? (And, ladies, we also need to stop having conversations that revolve around men. We are better than that!! We are all so much more complex and intelligent than to reach out to friends from home to text them, hey, a boy kissed me, maybe he will take me out?? What do you think?? And oh how are you”)

Friendships will change as you evolve, both now and throughout your life. High school to college is a massive transition, so don’t stress if you lose touch with old friends. 


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