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Why does Olivia Rodrigo’s music sound so familiar?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Like Addison Rae and her upbeat teeny pop songs that are similar to major pop stars’ vibes in the early 2000s, Olivia Rodrigo has found a way to connect teen angst lyrics to millennial familiarity in alternative pop rock.

Her new album, GUTS, which dropped early this month, touches upon the transitional time from childhood to young adult connectivity in her relationships, self-image, and fame.

Musically, the album has counteractive lyrics and stylistic vibes with heartfelt words and stable, energetic drums. Rodrigo throws dashes of rap-rock and emo-style choices that are reflected in “Get Him Back!” and “Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl.” But what really felt familiar was the album resembled a specific album from 2007, Meet Miley Cyrus featuring “G.N.O – Girls Night Out,” “Start All Over,” “See You Again,” and “East Northumberland High”– these songs were popular during Miley’s time on Disney when she began her career and made her first album outside of Hannah Montana.

After almost two decades apart, go back and take a listen. I’m sure you’ll find the comfort of familiarity between the vibes of these two works of art!

Summer Scott

Holy Cross '24

singer/songwriter/creative writer