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Unwrapping the Impossible: The gift Guide For Even the Toughest People on Your List

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Okay. So, we have officially reached November. How, I’m not sure. Nevertheless, it is here, which means it is time to start holiday shopping. The task is loved by some and dreaded by others. Either way, here are holiday gifts for everyone on your list. 

Gifts for Mom: 

I struggle to find gifts for my mom. This is mostly due to the fact that she refuses to give us any ideas besides ugg slippers (do you really need a new pair every year?). So I haven’t had a lot to go off of. There are three things that I do remember her absolutely loving. 

  1. A Barefoot Dream’s robe. I know, it feels similar to the slippers thing BUT these robes are honestly SO perfect. They’re soft, come in great colors, and it’s one of those small luxuries she wouldn’t buy for herself. Another plus, they’re on sale throughout November at Nordstrom Rack (you’re welcome). 
  2. A painted family portrait. Is there a family picture that your mom loves, but you want to elevate it just a little more than putting it in a frame? I personally had this one done by my friend Natalie who is an artist (@nat.foy on insta. She does commissions!!!), but you can also have this done through Etsy or any local artist. This is such a perfect gift, and my siblings and I split the price. Bonus: our mom loved that it was from all of us. 
  3. A nice coffee table photo album. This is actually our gift to our mom this year (fingers crossed she doesn’t see this). My sister, step-brothers and I decided to get a really nice coffee table book made of all our parent’s wedding photos. They got married in 2022, and we thought having the photos nicely printed out. Artifact Uprising is the company that we used. The quality is amazing, and it’s honestly fun to design the layout and place the photos exactly where you want them. 

Gifts for the college guy: 

I grew up with one little sister, and then a few years ago, I got two older step brothers. It was absolutely fantastic until Christmas rolled around, and I realized I had zero idea what to get them. After a few years, I feel like I finally got the hang of it and have my favorite gift idea for any college boy on your list. 

  1. Country Club Prep Wallet. I know a needlepoint wallet sounds weird, but I got this for both of my brothers two years ago, and they ended up loving it. One goes to BC, and the other Georgetown. I was able to find some with their school’s logos. The full wallets are a little pricier, but the card holders aren’t too bad, and they have so many different designs to choose from (they also have keychains and sunglass straps!!!)

Your SO’s Mom 

Yup. Arguably the most difficult person on your list. Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend’s mom are just ugh. Nothing feels right, but here are some ideas that she is sure to love. 

  1. A Love Your Melon hat. It’s the perfect gift, especially around the holidays. Love Your Melon makes cute, good-quality hats in a variety of styles. I feel like this is a really safe option, and because there are so many different designs to choose from, you can find one that she would like. (They also have colleges and sports teams, which can add a little more of a personal touch)!
  2. A personalized platter or plate. It sounds boring, but hear me out. If you know your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family well, this is a really great option (I especially like this because it can be a gift to both parents). Head over to Etsy and have the outside of their home painted on a serving platter or plate. They are guaranteed not to have this one already. Such a cute and personal gift, that will have your ex’s mom texting you the next Christmas asking where you ordered it from (I speak from experience…). 

So those are my recommendations that are sure to impress all of the hardest people to buy for this Holiday season! So enjoy the start to this holiday season and remember when all else fails, utilize Amazon Prime! 

Caroline Hanson

Holy Cross '27

Caroline Hanson is currently a freshman at Holy Cross studying psychology and education. She is from Lowell MA and plans to be a school psychologist before pursuing private practice! Se spends her time with family and friends, playing golf, and doing mental health advocacy work!