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A photo album of your family! With most pictures being kept only digitally these days, a nicely organized album of your family’s pictures can be very nice to have.

A Photo Calendar! You can easily make these on Shutterfly, as well as many other photo-based gifts! You can even include personal dates such as birthdays or anniversaries!


Plan a day with your parent! A great idea is to organize a day to spend with just you and them to seriously bond and spend quality time together. Especially now that we are all in college, it is difficult to get that genuine time. So over break try to set aside that time with each parent.

A Relaxation Kit! A homemade basket with different things for that parent that is always stressed is extremely thoughtful. Fill it with candles, bath soaps and scrubs, face masks, calming oils, lotions, cozy socks, their favorite book, a journal and anything else you feel may calm them!

Coffee/Tea and a Mug! Most parents drink at least one of these, so you could get a bag or pack of whichever one you feel they would love! Also, there are so many mugs with pretty designs, funny quotes, TV and Movie references, song lyrics, and anything else.

A Coffee Table Book! As a conversation starter or a book for them to look out while unwinding on the couch, big coffee table books are always a great gift! Taschen makes great books, but you can always find them online or in stores like Marshalls!


Merch from your school! Get the Holy Cross Mom or Dad sweatshirt, bumper stickers and mugs!

A Puzzle or Board Game to Play Together!

Never forget the card! Parents love and appreciate a card that you actually put time and effort into writing. Make sure to acknowledge how grateful you are for them!


Plan a day together! Check out a local museum, go out to dinner, go thrifting, take a walk and do something to spend time together!

A Polaroid camera!


Matching jewelry!

Candles or a diffuser!

A book! Whether they like to read long books or would rather have a coffee table book of their favorite images!

Nice clothes from their favorite brand! Check out Reformation, Mango, Zara & Free People.

If you have a brother…

A wallet!


A video game!

New clothes from their favorite store!

A baseball hat or beanie!



Jewelry! Most girls love jewelry and there are so many different types and styles that you can always find one that matches any personality. From delicate initial bracelets to colorful, big earrings, you can find almost anything online!

Makeup/Skincare! Most girls wear makeup so you can always get them a cute set from places like Glossier! Just go to your local Sephora or Ulta and you can definitely find a cute lip gloss or eyeshadow palette they will love. If they aren’t that much of a makeup person, getting some nice skincare is great too!! Checkout Kiehls, Paula’s Choice, and Mario Badescu, or whatever you may recommend!

Clothes! Clothes are such an easy gift, especially if you are around your friend a lot and know their style. You can try to find something nice for them to wear out if you really know they would like it, or you can always get them something cozy and cute because you cannot go wrong with that.

Tote Bag! There are so many cute tote bags online, from ones with already made designs to customizable ones!

Color Themed Basket! If you have a friend who is just obsessed with a certain color, fill a basket with a bunch of little things in this color! Fill it with clothing items, nail polish, candy, pens, stickers, notebooks, and anything else you can find!

A Poster! Look for a cute poster of something they love, either a place, music artist, movie, a quote, or anything and buy it to decorate their dorm and so they can think of you!


A photo album! If this is a friend you’ve had for a long time, make a photo album and fill it with pics chronologically from when you first met to now.

Matching stuffed animals! Get matching bears together or pillows and keep them in your rooms to always think of each other.

Open when… letters! This idea is great if you want to always show your support. Write about ideas such as “open when”… you feel sad, stressed, you need a reminder of how strong you are, happy memories, and anything else you feel will make them happy.


The Love Box! This super cute electronic box is perfect for long distance and just a cute wait to send messages instead of text. You simply create a message with pictures and drawings and send it through the app, and then the person with the love box will see the heart spinning so they know they received a new message!

Paint By Numbers! Pick your favorite photo of you and your S.O. and turn it into a paint by numbers that you can do together!

Message Jar! Get a mason jar and fill it with different colored small papers and write different themes on all of them such as reasons why I love you, favorite memories, things to do in the future together, etc.

Sweatshirt with Anniversary Date! There are so many different versions of this on Etsy, but it’s simply two matching sweatshirts with your anniversary date in Roman Numerals, and you can put each other’s initials on the sleeve!

Clothes from their favorite brand! Whether it’s workout clothes, or nicer stuff for dinners or a job, getting clothes they will wear a lot is very thoughtful.

Photo Bracelet! This is a cute gift for anyone, but you just pick a picture and put it inside so whoever wears it can always look inside and see you together, and they can always have it on them.

A Wallet or Hat! Both pretty simple things, but can be really nice gifts!

An Ornament with both of your names on it!

A homemade book of a timeline of your relationship! Fill it with all your memories and pictures and any little keepsakes you kept. Super cute idea to start at the beginning of a relationship and then add on, but you can always start whenever!

Ashley Bunici

Holy Cross '26

Ashley Bunici is from Long Island, New York and is on the pre-law track, specifically to work for people with special needs & disabilities. She loves to volunteer and be involved in clubs, spend time with friends and family, and travel.