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This is the third article in my mini-series surrounding “the lasts.”

In The First of the Lasts back in November, I reflected on my last fall semester coming to an end and all “the lasts” we were having.

In A First Among the Lasts I talked about my first time at the JCC and being able to step away from campus, even though there’s only a short time left, to have a first among all “the lasts.”

Now here is The Lasts. “The lasts” that have meant the most to me, hurt me the most, made me cry, made me smile, or gave me that feeling, you know the one, where you want to freeze time and hold onto that moment forever.

My Last Campus Tour

Giving my last campus tour was a tough one. I told my fellow tour guides there was a 60% chance I was going to cry. Miraculously I didn’t cry, but I was definitely choked up. I spent three years giving campus tours talking about all of the amazing things, all of my favorite things, about Holy Cross.

Physics Senior Dinner

Every year the physics department does a senior dinner in Hogan towards the end of the Spring semester. We had ours last week and it was so special. The professors were buying us drinks, we were taking pictures with them, reminiscing on the courses we’ve taken, telling funny stories, and sharing memories. The head of the department got up towards the end and shared what all of us were going onto do post-grad. Hearing what each and every one of the senior physics majors had accomplished made me feel starstruck. From grad school at IVY leagues, to teaching, to engineering jobs, to business, we’re doing it all. In addition to announcing what we were all doing, the professor gave us all a gag gift somehow related to what we were going into. Some of the majors got merch for the college they’re attending next, some of the engineers got Lego sets, and there were some books and movies going around. Then, some of the majors, AND SOME OF THE PROFESSORS, went out to a bar to continue celebrating. This. This was one of those moments I wish I could hold onto forever.

Picking Up My Cap and Gown

Well first off, having to pick up my cap and gown almost three weeks before graduation was a crime. They were asking for me to cry in the Loyola Ballroom. I signed in, “congratulations,” I scanned my ID, “congratulations,” I told them my name, “congratulations,” they handed me my cap and gown, “congratulations!” No. It is not “congratulations” yet. Give me some time!

Picking Up My Cords

This was my mistake. I should not have gone to pick up my cords right after the emotional turmoil of picking up my cap and gown. I walk into the Ciocca Center and tell them my name. Out come two faculty members, “hi Fiona! Congratulations! Are you excited for graduation? What are you doing next year?” This was my last time conversing with them as a Holy Cross student. The next will be if I’m lucky enough for them to want me on some alumni panel in the future.

My Last Capstone Seminar

For my minor, Business Ethics, we are taking a Capstone Seminar this semester. The class is 15 second semester seniors, and at this point in our time at Holy Cross, we all know each other and are friends. This course has been awesome. We have learned so much and honed in on so many skills in preparation for the Business world and It was so cool to see everyone’s projects come together after a long semester of hard work. In the last class the Professor read two of her favorite quotes from Nietzsche. One of them truly resonated with me: “I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves.” Our professors are taking the 15 of us out to hibachi this week. Can’t wait to have zucchini thrown at me and sake sprayed at me in front of two individuals with their PhD’s.

The Academic Conference

The Academic Conference was the most magical day. Bouncing around all day listening to my friends talk about the research and projects that they had put so much effort into and were so passionate about was heartwarming. Some of it made me feel stupid, but it made me proud. Proud of them, proud of how far they had come, and proud of their accomplishments.

The Dance Show

I had many friends who took dance classes this semester and were in the end of semester dance show. I also had some friends were dance minors during their time at Holy Cross. Similar to the academic conference, it was amazing seeing the work that had been put into choreographing and learning the dances over the semester. At the end of the show, they had a send-off for the senior dance minors in which they played a video they made, the head of the department spoke, and they gave all of the minors roses. I cried. I have to admit, I was crying in the audience.

Ski Team BBQ

I am (was) on the club ski team and we are an incredibly close-knit team. We had a barbeque last week and one of the member’s houses to all get together one. last. time. We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had chips and drinks, and just caught up on life, reminisced on our time together as a team, and talked about summer plans. Of course, with a team there are graduates every year and a new group of new athletes every year. But when you’re the one leaving, rather than the one saying goodbye, it’s tough! We have spent so much time together as a team and I have spent so much time with some of them outside of the team nature.

Senior Day Sports Games

A few weekends back there were two senior day sports games on a Sunday afternoon: Men’s Club Lax and Men’s Tennis. I have good friends on both of those teams and we were fired up to go support them. We made posters, dressed up in our HC gear, and headed out for the day. The lax team won, their first time beating Providence. The tennis team unfortunately lost, but they played a good match. After the tennis match the parents planned a big cookout at one of the off campus houses and we were invited. We spent the evening eating delicious food, chatting with the parents, and witness the tennis team be complete goofballs.

Her Campus End of Year Soiree

This was one of “the lasts” that really had the tears flowing. Having the club over for dinner, activities, chatting, and games unlocks my inner mom and brings me and Charlotte (my HerCampus co-chair) so much joy. This semester we did paper plate awards, reminiscing on silly, meaningful, and important things the members did for the cub during the semester. Then, the e-board made paper plates for each other. Then, Charlotte and I gave a speech. It was a thank you to the members and a thank you to our e-board, who we couldn’t have run the club without. There came the tears. Sadness about leaving, happiness about being in each other’s company one last time, pride in what we had worked so hard to create with the club. To intensify the tears, some of the club members gifted us pink cords to wear at graduation.

With two weeks left there aren’t very many of “the lasts” left. Most of what is left are celebrations. Celebrations that we’ve never had before and never done before. There is still so much to celebrate, so much to look forward to, and so much to be excited about.

Fiona Willette

Holy Cross '24

Fiona is a senior at Holy Cross studying physics and business. She is originally from Stamford, CT, but has loved spending her college years in Worcester. She is passionate about friends and family, cooking, being involved with campus and community activities as well as crossfit and working out. Her and fellow chapter member, Charlotte Keane, are so excited to be the Campus Correspondents this year!