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“More is more” is a perfect way to describe the era of 1980s fashion. In my (maybe unpopular) opinion it is one of the most notable decades of fashion history, so I am absolutely loving the comeback it has been making in recent years. Icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many more set the stage for what we know as the 80s style today. The hair, the makeup, the outfit, the ATTITUDE–everything about this period has me obsessed. I am excited to take a trip in the fashion time machine and reminisce. Although I was not alive just yet, I really wish I could have been just for one day!


Starting off strong with neon: this was an all-time 80s fav, as modeled here by the queen Madonna.

The perm, the legwarmers, the chunky bracelets…everything about this photo screams 80s. There was a time when this went out of style, as it may have seemed too bright or over the top, but here are some celebrities recently carrying on the legacy.


When I think of biker shorts in the 80s, I think of Princess Diana. The effortlessness to these outfits made them easily achievable but gave a comfortable, put-together look that was so desperately wanted. I would definitely credit Diana with the rise of biker shorts that are still so prevalent today.

Recreate Princess Diana Biker Shorts and Sweatshirts Outfits (townandcountrymag.com)

Although biker shorts are worn very similarly to how they were worn in the 80s, I do think there is a difference in what vibe the person is giving off. In this photo, Princess Diana looks comfortable, athletic, and on the go. She usually wore this type of outfit running errands which connects to the carefree vibe that this outfit provides. Now, however, biker shorts are often more dressed up, giving that clean girl aesthetic that is so popular in 2020s fashion.


Here, Bella pairs hers with a sophisticated blazer and heels, accessorizing with a beret and a bold lip. Kim wears hers with a casual jacket, with a matching top and and bottoms, with some boots. Hailey matches hers with a sleek turtleneck and oversized sunglasses. Each of these outfits exudes a different vibe that show the versatility of biker shorts in the modern day.


This one is really iffy as the “Canadian tuxedo” is one of the most divided trends of all time. At one point it was one of the biggest faux-pas in fashion, and some may still think it is. It was huge in both the 80s and the 90s, but quickly fell out and is still looked down upon.

However, I think it is starting to become more acceptable in the fashion world, as multiple celebrities have been seen in double denim in the past few years. I am not the biggest fan of the look, but I do think it can be pulled off. How could I write an article about 80s fashion and not include it?


Double Denim: Totally Tres Chic Or Fashion Faux Pas? – Capital (capitalfm.com)


When both queen Barbie AND Rihanna wear double denim, you know it’s back in style. All three of these women are wearing them in a different way and I am loving it. It can look casually cool, classy with the heels, or one of the most talked-about outfits like Julia Fox’s.


These are definitely a unique trend and I am not sure if anyone saw this coming. Not going to lie, they are a little scary, but modern-day fashionistas are making them work per usual. Here are the questionable ways in which they were advertised and worn during the 1980s:

These also tie into the neon trend, usually seen with bright colors, patterns, and a matching top. Although I laugh at these outfits, I can also see the beauty in that they were one of the most iconic trends of the decade. Now, the statement is more modernized to give more practicality:


These celebrities are making the parachute pants look laid-back yet high-fashion. I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed!

The comeback of 1980s fashion is one that I am all for, and the 2020s take on some of the bizarre trends is what I am loving. Everything about the contemporary versions of neon, biker shorts, double denim, and parachute pants is nothing short of legendary and I cannot wait to see upcoming takes on the 80s style.

Emily Johnson

Holy Cross '25

Junior English major at the College of the Holy Cross