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With Catalina and holiday festivities right around the corner, nobody wants to spend their precious time nursing a nasty hangover. I’ve been there, and when you’re going out multiple nights a weekend, it’s helpful to have some go-tos to help you cure that dreaded hungover feeling.


A hangover, essentially, is dehydration. That pounding headache is a direct result of a lack of proper hydration. I try to drink a ton of water the day I know I’ll be going out and chug a bunch when I get back home (and also try to mix in a water here and there). If I forget, though, then Gatorade and Liquid IV are my best friends.


I’ve been told that the best thing to eat when hungover is buttered noodles. That, or a bacon egg and cheese, does wonders in curing the headache and also helps with nausea (for me).


If all else fails, popping some sort of pain reliever (Tylenol, advil, motrin) definitely helps. In addition to this, though, definitely make sure to be properly eating and drinking.

Sleep it off

Alcohol definitely impacts the quality of my sleep, so sometimes all it takes is a mid-afternoon nap to have me feeling brand new again. Putting on some white noise and sleeping for even 30 minutes definitely helps.

Hangover patches (?)

Ok I’ve never actually tried these, but my mom says they work wonders. You pop one on before (or after) you’ve been drinking, and apparently, they help with a hangover. I’ll definitely have to try for senior ball/Catalina weekend.

Hair of the Dog (?)

This one is definitely a little toxic, and only delays the inevitable, but some people swear by it. Continuing to drink when hungover will definitely hurt for a bit, and it never works for me personally, but to each her own, I guess.

People, and how much alcohol they can tolerate, vary immensely. For me, these tips and tricks have gotten me through the past four years of going out and rallying. During the holiday season, I know I’ll need them now more than ever!

Caroline Sullivan

Holy Cross '23

A Lover of books, coffee, and style from Long Island, New York!