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As much as I truly hate to say it, I think that it’s time for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s run as a power couple to come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Swiftie through and through and I wish nothing more than for Taylor to find her perfect man, but after some of Travis’ recent behaviors, I think she deserves much better.

I’m pretty sure every single girl in the entire world got “the ick” watching the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the night, I sat down praying for a Chiefs’ victory while wearing my “go Taylor’s boyfriend” shirt, but by the end of the overtime win, I was straight-up cringing at the TV screen through my fingers. The first red flag came with Travis’ temper tantrum. When he was taken out of a play, he decided to yell in the face of his coach and physically intimidate him by almost knocking him over. I understand that each player-coach relationship is different, however Travis’ behavior just went way too far here. Any man who thinks it is okay to behave like that to anyone is not capable of being in a wholesome relationship, regardless of whether emotions were running high or not. 

Still, I was beyond thrilled when the Chiefs scored their winning touchdown, but as Travis took the stage to give his remarks, the smile quickly fell from my face as he screamed “Viva Las Vegas” for what seemed like a decade. As the camera panned to Taylor’s face, I watched her get second hand embarrassment along with the rest of the world. I get that Travis was excited about winning his third Super Bowl in front of his pop-star girlfriend, but his screaming was just plain unprofessional and disgusting. There was nothing respectful, classy, or gentlemanly in his behavior after the Chiefs’ win, and I’m not saying that he needs to be perfect all of the time, but based on his prior treatment of Taylor, I did expect more from him. Finally, his behavior at the Chiefs’ victory parade was just straight up unacceptable. He showed up to his team’s hometown drunk to the point of collapsing in the middle of his remarks, needed Patrick Mahomes to hold him up as he spoke, and gave an unintelligible speech that only consisted of slurred yells. While he may have some redeeming qualities deep, deep, deep, down, I think that Taylor is an incredible, intelligent, and good person who deserves someone who is on her level and not miles below.

Natalia Jacuch

Holy Cross '27

Natalia is a dedicated and ambitious first year student at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. From a young age, she has had a passion for creative writing and journalism, and she anticipates to declare an English major at the college in the spring. A New Hampshire native, she loves to spend time with her mom at the bay, go striper fishing, and go on adventures. She also enjoys making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and playing card games with friends.