Summer 2021: COVID-Friendly Activities

Summer will be here before we know it! While many of our normal summer activities will be unavailable this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still many ways you and your close friends or family can have fun this summer! Here are some COVID-friendly summertime activities for everyone to enjoy!

  1. 1. Drive-In Movie Theatre

    teal interior of car

    A drive-in movie theater is a super fun and COVID-friendly alternative to a regular movie theater! Search online for any drive-in or outdoor theaters near you. This option allows you to enjoy a summer night while cozying up in the comfort of your own car! Bring your own snacks, blankets, pillows, and a few close friends or family members who you know are being regularly tested or have been vaccinated for COVID-19! 

  2. 2. Outdoor Picnic

    picnic blanket, food and hat

    Fun outdoor picnics are totally trending right now! Whether you want to head in your backyard for a casual lunch picnic or get dressed up for a small tea party picnic in the park, this is a great alternative for indoor dining. This can be done on the beach with pizza or with a barbeque with your parents in your backyard! There are so many options for a super fun experience with a small number of people. Grab your picnic basket and enjoy the sun while social distancing!

  3. 3. Have a Water Balloon Fight or Make the Most of Your Sprinkler

    With many local pools closing due to COVID restrictions this summer, there are many ways you can cool off in your own backyard! Ask some family members or a few friends and fill up some water balloons or water guns together and have a friendly socially distanced water fight to cool off! You can even cool off on your own by running through your lawn sprinkler!

  4. 4. Plan a Staycation

    Stars behind pickup truck and bonfire

    Traveling has become limited due to the pandemic, but there are ways to have a vacation without going anywhere at all! Try camping outdoors with your family. Set up a tent, roast some marshmallows, and tell stories! Or, plan a small staycation at home with family, where you take off school and work and do some fun activities together or just relax outside with a book!

  5. 5. Try Out Some New Recipes

    Ramen in a pan with sauce, and eggs and vegetables on the counter.

    While you may not be able to try out many new restaurants or travel to try new food, you can certainly try out some new recipes in your own kitchen! Look online for some food you have been wanting to try and make a short list of new recipes to cook this summer! Grab a friend or a family member, play some fun cooking music, and make a night out of it! Or just do some individual cooking with some fun tunes and have your own kitchen dance party!