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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.



JN = Josh Nickerson

DP = Dan Proano

LW= Lawton Ward

CD = Chris DeMarco



All: 2018




JN: Biology

DP: Undecided

LW: Economics, Philosophy Minor

CD: Accounting




ALL: Healy




JN: Hamilton, MA

DP: Chicago, IL

LW: Marietta, GA

CD: Princeton, NJ (Jerseyyyyyy baby)


Relationship Status:


JN: Single *winks*

DP: Single and ready to mingle

LW: Taken (shoutout to Courtney Cohen ;))

CD: In a domestic partnership with Dan




Guilty Pleasure:


JN: Taylor Swift

DP: Avator The Last Airbender

LW: Justin Bieber (CD: Everybody likes Justin Bieber)

CD: Justin Bieber


Pump-up Song:


JN: What’s that song by Ke$ha? Tik Tok

DP: Whaling Jennys (JK), do Every Time We Touch – Cascada

LW: Hmm let me think about this… Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

CD: Dead or Alive (Not by Bon Jovi??) Wait don’t say that… 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton… wait also don’t say that.


Romantic Comedy:


JN: The Notebook…wait that’s not a comedy. Legally Blonde?

DP: Crazy Stupid Love

LW: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

CD: Valentine’s Day


Thing From Croads:


JN: Buffalo chicken flatbread

DP: Chicken tender sub

LW: Buffalo chicken tenders

CD: Flatbread pizza


Thing About Your Mom:


JN: Which one? Jk she’s a sweetheart…Idk I love her (Awwww)

DP: Oh wow I have no idea… cooking? 

LW: She can booze more than I can

CD: All the love she gives me


Spot On Campus:


JN: Uh…the quad…duh

DP:  Where I’m currently sitting on my couch (Healy quad yoooo)

LW: Should we all say the quad?

CD: The quad


Memory From Freshmen Year:


JN: Going into the bathroom and seeing all of the hand dryers and soap dispensers on the floor… It was Dan (DP: I didn’t even know that was me)

DP:  waking up in wheeler basement… on the floor… that was fun… i was done

LW: The quad… wait sneaking into the St. Patty’s Day in Boston

CD: When I tried crashing the high school prom that was going on in Hogan






JN: Annoying laugh

DP: Too cocky 

LW: Gingivitis

CD: If I was her first kiss




JN: If she’s got a fatty… wait don’t write that it’s gonna make me look insensitive… if she has a good smile

DP: adorably funny

LW:  The perfect combination of cute and sexy

CD: If she can cook (Dan’s mom perhaps?)


*Dan steps on tack* DP: Guys i just got impaled by this


Celebrity Crush:


JN: Cora… no I got a better one… Sofia Vergara

DP: the girl on the poster in my room… Her name is Jessica

LW: Jennifer Aniston from Friends

CD: Selena Gomez?


First Kiss:


JN: Her name was Veronika and it was in the basement of my family friend’s house watching a movie

DP: Jessica, we were on a parking garage rooftop across from a movie theater… wait I think he name was Lizzie

LW: (Courtney Cohen, freshmen year of college, JK) Mine was Kellie, we went on a church trip and the girls were in one cabin and boys in another. i asked her to sneak out at midnight and meet me at the river. it started raining and I was waiting for her and she comes running up the bridge. we stopped didn’t say anything, we just kissed and we ran back to the cabins together. it was magical.

CD: Jessie, it was at the park in 7th or 8th grade and I was there for my little sister’s softball game


HC Girls Are The Best Because:


JN: They’re genuine (Christian Edmund: why are you lying?)

DP: They can handle their liquor (JN:  @laurenlyman, @callywaite)

LW: Cause my girlfriend’s one of them (shoutout Courtney Cohen)

CD: There are so many good things it’s hard to pick


Fun Fact:


JN: I still watch Tom and Jerry on a pretty regular basis

DP: I pour my milk in before my cereal 

LW: There’s a Lawton Ward Day in Marietta (October 23rd)

CD: I peaked in high school


Most Likely To Go To Prison: Dan (ironically also most likely to become a cop)

Most Likely To Not Make It Past The Pregame: Josh

Most Likely To Make A Girl Fall In Love With Him After The First Kiss: Chris

Most Likely To Have All Daughters: Lawton 

Sophomore and History and English double major at the College of the Holy Cross