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So It Wasn’t a Fall Break to Remember… and That’s OKAY!

If you’re like me, you’d been waiting for Friday October 8th since the first day of classes. You were planning to visit your home friends at their own colleges: Providence, UMass Amherst, Bryant, maybe going as far as Coastal Carolina. You spent many nights making up ideal scenarios of Fall Break in your mind. However, if you’re even more like me, sitting on your couch watching Netflix with your mom ended up being the highlight of your week. 

While I hoped I could sit my grandkids down one day and tell them about Fall Break 2021, I wanted nothing more on Friday afternoon than my own bed and my mom’s food. Whoever said Holy Cross is harder than Harvard was right! After these past few weeks, I almost never want to open another textbook again. Test after test, essay after essay, it truthfully never ends. So, when the chance to get away from literally everything presented itself, I took it. Did I miss a great time at all of the other schools? Yeah, probably. Did I even get to see my friends? Not really, no. But do I feel recharged and ready to take on whatever the rest of the semester has left to throw at me? Indeed. 

If you had a fall break like the one I dreamed of having, I am so so happy for you – and a little jealous, too :). But if you didn’t, I’m here to remind you: IT’S OKAY! Social media has the power to ruin someone’s day. The truth is, people only share their most exciting experiences. Yes, the girl next door vacationed in Miami, and, yes, her best friend went clubbing in New York with G-Eazy. However, it is imperative to remember that our knowledge of others’ lives is limited to a few Instagram posts. Your chance to take a tropical vacation and party with a celebrity will come, I’m sure of it. But sometimes, deciding to unplug serves as the best choice you could make for yourself. 

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Riley Peck

Holy Cross '24

Sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA
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