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Throughout my both my high school and college careers, I told myself I had senioritis every one of the four years. When I had two tests in one day this spring and didn’t want to study: senioritis, when I skipped class to watch the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones instead of going to class: senioritis, or when all I wanted to do was tan in my backyard and drink a margarita on a sunny and 70 degree day: you guessed it, senioritis.

Now that I am graduating from college in less than twenty days, senioritis has consumed me. And yes, it is finals week. But guess what I did today instead of studying…went to the mall and watched Game of Thrones! Ummm hello I still need to graduate! Oh and I forgot to mention that my senioritis doesn’t just apply to school, it also affects applying for jobs. As I approach the end of my college career, most of my friends either have jobs or are discussing and therefore constantly stressing me out saying that they don’t have any offers.. and that the world is subsequently coming to an end.


Apologies…but I’m twenty-two years old and yes I don’t have a job yet, but it’s not the end of the world. Everyone tells you that your first job is probably not going to be your dream job– but you have to start somewhere. I know that graduating and starting a new chapter in your life should be fun, but I find myself neglecting the act of applying for jobs. Starting a new chapter in your life is scary. I have always known my next move. There has been a natural progression up to this point—high school to college, college to abroad in some cases, college to internship, and, at present, there is simply a wide open space of which I have to fill, and have no idea as to what it is I should fill it with.

With graduation creeping up on me, I have no idea what my next move is. I have found that when I don’t have a plan, I go into full relaxation mode, also known as, senioritis. But, such is life! I can’t use the senioritis card in the real world when I’m a adult! I can’t blow off work to watch Netflix or go for a beach day. The world is about to get real for me, and the rest of the Class of 2019 everywhere, and as much as I have enjoyed my time relaxing and neglecting a lot of school-related responsibilities (whoops), everything must come to an end. Alas, ever end, however, is also a new beginning. So, make the most of the new few weeks we have left! This might be the very last time you can blame your neglect on responsibilities on a made-up ailment–senioritis!

Caroline Bono

Holy Cross '19

Senior at the College of the Holy Cross- Psychology Major
Katherine Hogan

Holy Cross '19

I'm Katherine Hogan, and I am a senior at the College of the Holy Cross. I am HC for HC Chapter Campus Correspondent! I enjoy writing poetry, binge watching Gossip Girl, and taking long walks in Nordstrom.