Sam Devine '19



Name: Sam Devine


Class: 2019


Hometown: Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Major: Biology (if I get my act together) and Spanish

Dorm: Mulledy 3 West

Campus activities: Varsity Swimming


Thing about HC: Either the hot boys or….the hot boys

Thing about your mom: Her sailor’s mouth...which I also inherited

Sports team: Land sports aren’t really my thing

Guilty pleasure: Looking at my own butt in the mirror

Thing about Worcester: …….the prime location of the Dunkin near campus. And A&B liquors.

Chick flick: Bridesmaids

Memory from HC so far: Going to kimball drunk at 7am and eating 3 omelettes

TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

Meal on campus: Pizza and fries from Croads

Go-to pregame song: Replay by Zendaya

Drink of choice: Bud Light Ritas


Relationship status: Flexible

Celeb crush: Zendaya, Bradley Cooper

Dealbreaker: Too short

Dealmaker: tall, tan, and brunette...and I also like big noses, not sure why

HC girls are the best because: I don’t have to date them (laughs)



What advice would you give your first-semester self: Drop Bio 161

Motto: “Everybody go back to your seats”

Man crush Monday: Steve Tierney ;)

Stuck on an island, you can bring 3 things: Peanut butter M&Ms, a speedo, and a margarita

One thing you can’t live without: Sleep

What is a current trend that girls/guys participate in that you hate?: Dabbing

Ideal date at HC: Star-gazing on the Hoval on a blanket

Pet: Golden retriever named Matey, and a domestic chipmunk named Chippy

Campus crush: Tyler Wright

Claim to fame: Can eat a baconator in the time that it takes to drive the 500 feet back to campus from Wendy’s

Dream job on campus: Weight room spotter for the entire boys’ hockey team

HC Bucket list: Survive the pre-med track

Shoutout to someone: Addie Devine for doing my laundry...gonna miss you next year