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Waking up early is hard. And for me, hard is an understatement. I value my sleep immensely, and most of the time, I get up just minutes before I’m due at my first class. But, to my dismay, I have to wake up for my 6:30 AM work shift on Wednesday and Friday mornings. On these mornings, I find that being awake in the early morning has its perks, and sometimes I even think it’s enough to turn me into a morning person. Here’s why:

1. D’Agostino and Cool Beans No Line

One thing that always dissuades me from grabbing food from the science cafe or Cool Beans is the line. I check the app, and there are 20 people in line waiting for their food to be prepared. When I’m in a time crunch, I just don’t have the time to wait and go without a sandwich or coffee. However, upon opening, D’Agostino and Cool Beans virtually have no line, making it easy to grab a bacon egg and cheese or an iced coffee. 

2. Enjoy Campus Scenery

Walking around campus in the morning is unparalleled – it provides the opportunity to appreciate our beautiful campus scenery without the presence of students rushing to their classes. I often find myself taking our campus for granted, but I do find myself admiring it more so in this non-rushed and calming environment. 

3. Time to Get Breakfast

Kimball ends their breakfast spread at 10:30AM, which can be hard to get to when I have a 9:30AM class. Waking up earlier gives me the chance to sit down with my friends and have the heavily noted most important meal of the day. In addition, breakfast kick-starts metabolism and burns calories while giving the energy to focus on classes. 

4. Chance to Make Bed

Making your bed is a great way to start the day, especially in a dorm room. Our rooms are small enough where making our bed makes a genuine difference in the room’s appearance. Coming back to a clean room after class promotes my ability to focus and prevents me from crawling back into bed. This five-minute action can change your outlook on the entire day, and even reduce stress levels. 

5. Productivity Levels Increase

Getting up early promotes productivity. Whether you’re going to work, exercising, doing homework, or have an 8AM class, getting stuff done as soon as possible eliminates the feeling of a wasted day. 

Antoinette is a sophomore at Holy Cross from Westchester, NY. She spends free time online shopping and rewatching Gossip Girl.
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