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Rekindling my Creativity: Starting my Summer Sketchbook

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

I’ve always had a creative side. Throughout high school, I was always very involved in my school’s art scene. From taking AP Art to being a Vans Custom Culture Contest finalist in 2021, art has definitely always been one of my passions. Despite my love, I made the executive decision against pursuing art as a major in college. During my freshman year, I found it extremely difficult to balance my academics, while also finding the time to sit down and create just for fun. To be honest, I did almost no art at all last year. So at the start of this past summer I set a goal to rekindle my inner artist. 

I first had to think about how I was going to achieve this. I knew I wanted all my work to be in one place, so a sketchbook was perfect. I next had to think about the size. I knew if I bought a big one, I’d be too intimidated, so I opted for a mini one. I found the cheapest, smallest sketchbook on Amazon, and began my journey. I wanted to make the book truly unique to me so I gathered a bunch of stickers from around my room and decorated both covers. 

Starting to actually fill the pages was a lot harder than you’d think. Art block definitely stood in my way. However, by searching through my camera roll and by finding inspiration on Pinterest I started to fill its pages. By starting each page by putting no pressure on myself, I saw my art progress throughout the summer. I started bringing this book everywhere, from work to vacation. On my trip to Maine, I found myself sitting outside sketching and even using up some pages to teach my little cousin how to draw. 

Today my trusty sketchbook has yet to be filled. I try to take it out on the weekends as it provides me solace in the midst of what seems like a flood of academic work. In rebuilding my creative sanctuary this past summer, and allowing my inner artist to grow again, I found a way to destress that’s perfect for me. My sketchbook is not just a summer memory; it’s an ongoing chapter in my journey for self-discovery, one that continues to shape my life in profound ways. So, regardless of your artistic ability, you’ll be amazed at the therapeutic and creative reward starting a sketchbook can offer you. 

Lauren Blum

Holy Cross '26

Hey, I’m Lauren, I'm a second year from Long Island, NY. I love making art, listening to music, and spending time with my dog.