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A couple of weeks ago my friend group did a presentation night, and it was so much fun. We spent an hour laughing our butts off and getting to know each other much better. It was the perfect way to spend a night in and if you or your friends are looking for something low-key and fun to do, a presentation night is the perfect idea. Below I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite ideas for presentation night.

The Hunger Games

This is probably my favorite idea, and can be the most in depth. You can assign districts, and placing in the games, or to go even more in depth, you can say what everyone would do in training and during the games. You can also explain how each person dies and who they ally with. This one can really be as simple or as complex as you would like.

What everyone would do during the Purge

I feel like this one is fairly self explanatory, but for my presentation night we put what specific people would be feeling during the Purge, if they would die, if they would kill someone else, or a number of different activities.

What character from (movie/tv show) everyone would be

You can pick your favorite movie or tv show (Outer Banks anyone??) or a show you all have watched and assign what character each person in the group is most like.


For this one you can choose a random bachelor/bachelorette season and assign each person to a specific contestant of that season, or make up your own bachelor. With your own bachelor you can go through the slides like going through the seasons and assigning who gets the one on one dates, who ends up crying, and who goes home. This is another idea that can be fairly simple, or can be made more complex.

Predicting everyone’s future

This is a very broad topic and can include so many different paths for each person. Will friend X meet the love of their life at 25, get a small house with one kid and three cats or will they hit rock bottom at 25, steal from their company, and spend the rest of their life in jail? You decide!

What prom dress describes each person

I feel this is another fairly simple one, but if you want to add to it you can put their shoes, hair style, jewelry, and make up they would wear with the dress.

Presentation night is an amazing and fun event to do with your friends, and it’s great for small, as well as large groups! I highly recommend trying it out because I personally loved it, and I know my group will definitely be doing another one soon.

Callie Gillan

Holy Cross '26

Callie is a current sophomore at Holy Cross and is studying Political Science and Psychology. In her free time she loves reading, trying new coffee places and going to the beach.