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Post-Halloween Shopping Tips You Should Take Advantage of

Halloween is officially over, however fall is only just coming into full swing. Even though the spooky season has passed, there are so many repurposing tips and sales that you should take advantage of while you can! Retailers are desperate to get rid of all their Halloween items that didn’t sell, especially so that they can have shelf space for the holiday season. So, if you want to take advantage of some Halloween sales, do it ASAP in order to get the best deals. 

 Hit Halloween Stores for Sale Costumes 

Unless you are a SUPER in advance kind of planner, picking your Halloween costume for next year probably sounds insane right now. However, Halloween costumes go on sale for ridiculously low prices right after the holiday is over, so you might as well spend less money now than next year! Even if this means picking up a random hat or outfit that can suffice for a last minute costume next year, you might as well grab it cheap! 

Stock Up on Cheap Candy

You may not need the variety pack of candy for Trick or Treating anymore, but there are plenty of festive autumn recipes that you can make using halloween candy. Buying assortments of candy for such a cheap price can also be helpful for things like gingerbread house decorating or even just to treat yourself to every once in a while! This is such a smart thing to take advantage of, especially since hard candies can be stored in your pantry for up to a year. 

Buy Some Decorative Lights for the Holidays

Stores sell lights for Halloween that are usually identical to the lights they sell for Christmas, so why not buy them now for cheap! 

Repurpose Your Pumpkins

Pumpkins are generalized as a Halloween thing because of carving and such, but they are just as festive to keep around for the fall. You can even paint your carved pumpkins white and turn them into autumn decor! If your pumpkins have rotted, head out to any store to grab more pumpkins that are on sale now that spooky season is over!

Charlotte Keane

Holy Cross '24

Charlotte is currently a freshman at Holy Cross from Connecticut. She enjoys running, her favorite food is cheese, and she loves country music!
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