Natalie Saxton '17


Name: Natalie Saxton

Year: 2017  

Major: Math

Campus Activities: SPUD

Hometown: Exeter, NH


Pickup line: Are you a 30 degree angle? Cause you’re acute-y. 

Thing about HC: My friends

Drink of choice: Lime seltzer

Go-to pregame song: "Smack That" (Akon for Spring concert 2017?)

Chick Flick: Friends w Benefits or Legally Blonde


Relationship status: Single

Ideal date: Jet skiing in the Caribbean followed by fish tacos & margs

Deal maker: Can chop wood/Likes pugs/Actually as funny as they think they are

Deal breaker: Can’t chop wood


Personal anthem: Pirates of the Caribbean Theme song

Guilty pleasure: HGTV and McDonalds Ice Cream Cones

Secret talent: My knees, shoulders, hips, and thumbs are doublejointed. 

Dream dinner party guests: No one famous, just all my friends and family. 

HC bucket list: Campout on Freshman Field