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From a range of action movies to intriguing documentaries, romantic to comical films, reality tv shows to Sesame Street, Netflix has an immense amount of diversity in its genres of movies and shows. Over the years, Netflix has held a special place in my heart. One of my favorite things to do after a long day is to come home, jump in bed, and catch up on my favorite show. Especially in college, this activity has been a staple when I need a break from typing papers, studying for a test, or doing homework. Lately, I’ve been finding myself endlessly re-watching my favorite shows. Therefore, I want to provide you with my current top two favorite shows.


Have you ever had a strange emotional attachment to a show? If not, then New Girl will be that show for you, just as it is for me. I will truthfully admit, I wasn’t a fan at first and thought that my parents were exaggerating about how good of a show it was. But, once I started to watch the first few episodes on my own, I just couldn’t get enough. In the first episode, we meet Jess (the main character) who finds out her boyfriend was having secret relationships with other women behind her back. When she found out, she realized she needed a new place to live. Due to this, she contacts three “women” who all live in an apartment together to take a tour of their home and see if she would be a good fit. When Jess arrives at the apartment, she is stunned to find out there are three men, and though she is confused, she continues to go ahead with the interview and tour. We later find out the names of these three men, Schmidt, Coach, and Nick. Later on, we meet a few other influential characters such as Cece and Winston. All of the characters have the most amazing and authentic individual personalities. This is what I believe makes this show so entertaining. It honestly is one of my top favorites shows ever, to the point where I’m not even sure how many times I have re-watched it. It’s incredibly funny, heartwarming, shocking, and everything you’ve ever hoped for in a show. I highly recommend this show like no other, and believe it to be a geniusly produced one.


This is the show I am currently watching and it immediately became one of my favorites. The Blacklist is a story about a woman named Elizabeth Keen, who begins her career as an FBI profiler. As she grew up with an adoptive father and no memory of her blood-related parents, she realizes she wants to learn more about her past. Interestingly, on her first day as a profiler, a career criminal named Raymond Reddington arrives in FBI custody giving specific orders to speak only with Agent Keen. As time goes on, the plot thickens to such an extreme point where you can no longer hit pause. I love this show because every FBI case is different and unique in its own way. You find out things about Elizabeth and everyone else in the show that causes you to be ever more intrigued, therefore, constantly wanting to watch more. I love this series. The only downside is that there are nine seasons, and I have unfortunately only been able to watch up to the fourth season. I highly recommend this show as well, as it has increasingly become one of my favorites.

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Averie Yesair

Holy Cross '24

Hi! My name is Averie Yesair, and I'm from Newbury, MA. I'm a senior English major and creative writing minor. I enjoy listening to Emma Chamberlain, Andrew Huberman, and Steven Barlett's podcasts. A few things I love other than my family and friends are chipotle, chai tea lattes, my jeep, wakeboarding, sunsets, fishing and hanging with my dog Winston. I'm a huge homebody, and love spending nights in watching Cody Ko and Suits or rewatching New Girl.