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Ever since I was a kid, hoarding bath and body works body sprays, I have been obsessed with perfume. Now I’ve grown up a bit from bath and body works and have created a fairly large perfume collection. With all the perfumes ive own i’ve come to have a few favorite collections that i recommend to nearly everyone


Phlur is one of my favorite perfume brands. I love their packaging and they have some of the most unique scents. While they are most known for their “Missing Person” and “Father Figure” scents, my favorite scent is “Tangerine Boy”. “Tangerine Boy” is a beautiful orangey scent with notes of apple, orange, amber and lemon while “Missing Person” and “Father Figure” are more woody musk scents with notes of bergamot and fig respectively. On my list to try from them are “Mood Ring” and “Strawberry Letter”. “Mood Ring” is a fruity scent with notes of marigold, fruit and dragon fruit while “Strawberry Letter” is a strawberry scent with notes of plum and tonka bean.


While I love her music, I wouldn’t have thought that Billie Ellish would create one of my favorite perfumes of all time. The classic scent is a beautiful vanilla that almost smells like fresh baked cookies. While I haven’t tried “Eilish No. 2” it is definitely an interesting scent that I want to try, with notes of Bergamot and apple. 


The first perfume I ever owned was “YSL Libre”. Not only does the scent hold a special place in my heart, but it is also a stunning fragrance. The perfume has notes of orange, vanilla, almond, and jasmine. While being a feminine perfume it leans a bit masculine, which is what makes it so interesting. Despite the perfume being mainly a nighttime scent, I feel that it can be worn nearly all year long. YSL’s other perfume lines, like “Black Opium” with its rich vanilla coffee notes and “Mon Paris” with its fruity notes, are also stunning scents.  

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