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After not picking up any kind of racket for a long time, I have recently rediscovered my love of racket sports. Tennis, Pickleball, and Squash are all sports that I love playing. I am slowly working on incorporating them all into my rotation of hobbies. All three sports are great ways to get active and also engage in some healthy competition.  


Tennis is a sport that I have played on and off for all of my life. Most recently, I rejoined the Club Tennis Team on campus. I find it’s a great way to get outdoors and socialize with Holy Cross kids that I might not talk to otherwise. Tennis is a lifelong sport that I am so grateful to have learned at a young age, and I would recommend trying it to anyone who is thinking about it. 


I played Pickleball for the first time this January on vacation, and I loved it. Although at first, it was difficult to acclimate to a new type of racket sport, I quickly became skilled enough at the game of Pickleball to gain some points on my friend who had played many times before. Now, back at Holy Cross, you can find me playing Pickleball at the Jo at least once a week with my friends.  


No, not the food. If you have not heard of Squash, it is essentially tennis in a box. You are playing with one other person and hitting the ball back and forth against a wall. Squash is a sport that I wish I played more often! It’s my goal to play more squash in the upcoming year. In middle and early high school, I played squash at school and have only played a few times since. Although I’m sure I am a little rusty, I hope to get involved in Squash again sometime soon. 

This is your sign to pick up a racket sport like these three! They are all easy to learn and to get decent at with practice. I hope some of you will find a love for racket sports as well :)

Ann O'Malley

Holy Cross '26

Ann is a current sophomore at Holy Cross from Milton, Massachusetts. She enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and writing!