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One day, while on a Target shopping spree, my best friend impulsively decided to buy a pong table. For the past year we have been using this table as is when we are hanging out with friends, but we knew we needed to spice up the plain color. So, recently, we headed to the store and bought paint. We wanted our painted pong table to represent some of the iconic parts of Holy Cross while encapsulating the vibes of our friend group. 

We did some research and we found that we had to buy primer to put down before the paint to make sure it stayed. We also got mod podge to seal the paint and of course, bright paint colors and brushes. When we returned to the dorm, we soon realized that the primer we got was spray paint (this did not go well, I would not recommend it). My other friend recommended we file down the table, but we did not buy sandpaper, so we settled on using nail files which worked pretty well and started painting. 

Here are some squares on our pong table that I love: 

  1. Crusader shield 
  2. Woo sox smiley 
  3. The lot 
  4. Drimball
  5. Limes (just as cute decor)  

Although it was very chaotic at the beginning, it ended up being so much fun and such a good bonding experience for our friend group. We listened to music and talked for hours while we painted and it was honestly very therapeutic. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, I would definitely recommend painting a pong table with your friends!

Marisa Monahan

Holy Cross '26

Hi! I'm Marisa and I'm from New Hampshire. I love hanging out with friends, listening to music, reading, and a good coffee shop. I am a Psych major with a Neuroscience and Art History minor and will be graduating 2026.