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Jewelry prices range from the cheap bottom of the barrel items, to the highest quality metals or gems, and then there lies everything in between. With all this in  mind, its still possible to find trusted stores that provide beautiful pieces of jewelry of good quality and  are reasonably priced. One of these stores that I trust is Mejuri. I am always itching to buy a new piece from Mejuri because they are constantly keeping up with the trends as well as establishing their own.

I have two rings from them, one sterling silver and one 14k gold with diamonds. Due to my clumsiness, the silver ring has multiple marks, but still looks very shiny and fits well for $78. My gold ring is in pristine condition even after having it for almost a year – and keep in mind I am a college student who goes out, so I am shocked I haven’t lost it or damaged it by now. I am unsure how much this cost, but from looking at their other solid gold rings, it most likely cost between $200-300. I also have gold vermeil hoop earrings that I bought for $78. These prices are insanely low for the quality, as I can wear all of them in the shower without them tarnishing – which is saying a lot because most places warn you not to shower with your jewelry.

One of the best parts about this brand is that they have retail stores in a couple of locations, one being New York City. These stores provide other services apart from just buying their products, one being piercings. My sister and I went to the one in Soho because she wanted to get a second lobe piercing on her ear. Both of us were nervous, her for her ear and me for her ear, but the experience was amazing. She made the appointment online the day before and walked in right on time. The man doing the service was the real deal. I personally would never trust someone doing my piercing or tattoo unless they too had one, and this man was perfect because he had both. After checking in, he walked us through everything from the process to the healing process. The pain was minimal, the directions were clear, and the process was quick and easy. After this first appointment, it is suggested the client make a follow up appointment in order for the piercest to check how the piercing is healing and make sure everything is okay. This clearly shows that Mejuri takes all the right procedures and is the real deal – they care. Even further, the studs they use are specifically created to make the healing process better and the backings of the studs won’t stab your neck while you sleep as they are flat backing. These reasons amongst many others are why I highly recommend that if anyone wants a piercing, to come here.

Other jewelry companies sell their solid gold, or even just vermeil or plated gold pieces, for well over $500. Even pieces of sterling silver are sold this high. On Mejuri’s website, they even have a price comparison with every piece, so you can have more information when making a purchase. Unless there is a specific piece from a different brand, trust me when I say I will be going to Mejuri first. It is clearly the go-to whenever I am looking for more stunning pieces or just decided I want to get another piercing.

Colette Offermann

Holy Cross '23

Colette is currently pursuing an English major and minoring in Studio Art and Social Ethics and Business at Holy Cross. On her free days she loves to paint abstract works, try out new recipes, play tennis, go to wine tastings, and experience new activities within her community such as new restaurants and boutiques.