Luke Ford '17

Name: Luke Ford

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Campus activities: Football, Magnets

Hometown: Glenview, IL

Relationship status: Single

Ideal date: Splitting a scorpion bowl at 7 Nana

Deal maker: A good set of knees

Deal breaker: Also knees, big into knees

Pick up line: I would do right by you. 

Thing about HC: Outdoor Edge

Drink of choice: Room temperature Burnett's

Go-to pregame song: "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazarus

Chick flick: Clueless

Personal anthem: "Me not working hard? Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak. Or, better yet, go to Times Square Take a picture of me with a Kodak. Took my life from negative to positive, I just want y'all know that. And tonight, let's enjoy life."

Guilty pleasure: Guitar Hero

Secret talent: SPUD van certified

Dream dinner party guests: O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman, and Truman Capote

HC Bucket List: Steal the Bob Cousy statue/ flip a campus SmartCar