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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

I know, it is so basic to write about your study abroad experience while studying abroad, but I am going to do it anyway. I am currently studying abroad at the University of Galway in Ireland and there are certain aspects of Holy Cross that I am really missing.

Free Laundry: This has absolutely nothing to do with academics, but holy crap do I miss free laundry. A wash here is roughly $4.00 and a dry is roughly $2.00. THAT IS SIX DOLLARS to have clean clothes. Some basic math: one load of laundry a week, plus an extra load every other week for sheets and towels, every month, for four months is $144 in laundry for the semester. Now, I could most definitely find something better to spend $144 on than laundry… Guinness???

The Writer’s Workshop/Library Assistants: This is a wonderful resource that Holy Cross has to get started with essays, get a second opinion on an essay or help with research and sources/citing. The University here does have these resources, but it costs money. They have, “student discounts,” but if I’m struggling with writers’ block or need some help finding sources, I don’t want to have to pay for this help. Again, it seems like I could find a better use for my money.

Office Hours: A small number of professors here have office hours, but the majority don’t. If anything, I overuse my professors’ office hours at Holy Cross. Even if it’s just to get clarification on an assignment or something said in class, it’s reassuring to know that the professor is there to help you.

Meal Plan: If you know me, you know I love Kimball. I am aware that this is a hot take, but I do! There is NO meal plan here on campus. That means no dining hall, no dining dollars, no meal swipes. We live in apartment style housing so we have a kitchen, but buying groceries is expensive, cooking takes up a lot of time, and sometimes I just want to sit down and eat without thinking about it.

Going Out Solely on Weekends (plus Thursdays): The Holy Cross way, as at most schools in the states, is to go out on, maybe Thursdays, and most definitely Fridays and Saturdays. Well, here, the Irish students go home on the weekends, so this means that they all go out on the weekdays. This is quite an adjustment: going out on a weekday, having classes the next day, and then when the weekend rolls around, still having the itch to go out. Now if we did this, Sundays would be our ONLY off day. It is truly a challenge trying to decide which days to go out every week without our parents thinking we’re alcoholics, spending all of our money and being down horrendous. With all of this being said, classes here are not nearly as difficult. Lectures are huge so they don’t take attendance, everything covered in class is put online and your final grade in the class is ONE essay, exam or take home assignment. I definitely don’t have super hard work where I always need the writers’ workshop or office hours, and I most definitely have the time to get my work done, go grocery shopping, cook and go out on

Fiona Willette

Holy Cross '24

Fiona is a senior at Holy Cross studying physics and business. She is originally from Stamford, CT, but has loved spending her college years in Worcester. She is passionate about friends and family, cooking, being involved with campus and community activities as well as crossfit and working out. Her and fellow chapter member, Charlotte Keane, are so excited to be the Campus Correspondents this year!