Kudos to Carrie Bradshaw…But I Still Haven’t Found My Big

As I sat down to write this at my desk in front of a large window in my room at school, I felt as though I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw...and it made me wonder...of the most common talking points in college (besides all the studying of course)... sex and dating are at the forefront.

One might think they go hand-in-hand with one another. If you date someone, you most likely have sex with them. However, in college, it seems like it’s one or the other. There are a very select groups of boys that actually want to date girls. The guys that I know who are dating girls have been with them for the last three to four years. Commitment? Loyalty? Monogamy? From a guy? Never heard of HER!

Now the rest of the guys in college, in my experience, all want one thing: sex. I grew up being told that sex is special and I should date a guy that’s worthy and cares for me. Most girls wait for a guy to sweep them off their feet or a boy that gives you butterflies every time you see them. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for that to happen to me. For the last four years of my college career, I have been with all the different genres of guys. There are the shy and sweet ones who take you out to dinner, the ones who won’t talk to you at parties, but will send you the “you up?” text at 1am, and the notorious f**kboys. Ah the f**boys. These are the ones that you want more than anything, but hurt you the most.

Sadly, I find that these are the most common in college. They say the things you want to hear and make you believe that they are trustworthy and won’t hook-up with other girls if you aren’t around. Wrong. The number of times I have heard my friends tell me that they "thought he was different" has been one too many.

Is it too much to ask a guy to not be the WOAT? Is it too much to ask a guy to not take home girls in front of you at the bar? Is it too much to ask a guy to take you out for a drink? Heaven forbid I expect to be asked to DINNER. Going on a date should not be an arduous task, considering you both probably saw each other naked the night before.

So, to those girls whose parents who told them college was “their window” for finding Mr. Right, MISS ME WITH THAT!

But in all seriousness, everyone has a different timeline for when, where, and with whom they will find “the one.” Often, it’s impossible to avoid the boys who think that buying you a Bud Light at the bar entitles you to go home with them at the end of the night. As flattering as a three-dollar beer might seem, you deserve a Gray Goose martini on the rocks. You deserve a peaceful solo slumber. And most of all, you deserve to realize you have time. Discover the love that exists within yourself, for yourself.