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It’s my Last Two Months of College…What do I do Now??

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

The second half of the second semester of senior year is a crazy time. I haven’t lived it through yet, but my feelings and emotions are running high. With our last Easter break on the horizon, it’s impossible not to think about the fact that our time on the Hill is coming to an end. So, during this confusing yet amazing time, here are some things I’m trying to keep in mind while making the best of the last.

Spend time with your friends as much as you can.  

Never again will we be living in the same proximity that we are now. Simply watching a movie or TV show with friends is something that I’ve definitely taken for granted in the past, and the ephemeral nature of college, our gross off-campus houses, and cheap skating aside allows for extremely meaningful and lasting friendships to be made.

Try not to be too stressed out by school.

This is the last time (most likely) I will be in an academic environment!! I’m lucky enough to have majored in something that I actively enjoy, so I’m trying to be less stressed and more excited about schoolwork and classes (easier said than done, I know).

Take photos, write things down.

In my experience, it’s easy to lose memories and details of the little laughs and memories that make college so special. So, my friends and I have started a running list of senior year memories to look back on in the future.

Be excited!!!

Graduating college, to me, is very scary. But when I feel overwhelmed, I think of myself graduating high school. Little did I know the amazing things that waited for me at Holy Cross! So, just because it’s different, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. I know that postgrad life will hold so many amazing new experiences, people, and things for me.

You can’t do everything.

I have so many goals that I haven’t been able to accomplish throughout my time at Holy Cross. Whether it be due to covid or simply running out of time, I like to focus on the things that I have been able to do at this school which has made me a better person for both myself and my community. Studying abroad, taking challenging courses, participating in community service, and making lifelong friends have given me so many resources and skills that I will be able to use to enhance my life in the future. 

Caroline Sullivan

Holy Cross '23

A Lover of books, coffee, and style from Long Island, New York!