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Often, 70s fashion, especially interior design, is thought to be very different from modern trends and decorating styles. However, when my grandma gave me an old decorating magazine from 1974, I was completely surprised by how many pieces within the copy translated into modern design. The magazine is filled with tips about decorating a home and ways to elevate pieces within a room. Though some of the patterns and colors are outdated, many decorating choices still hold true in today’s styles. The headlines could even be from a magazine today. 

  1. White walls – Many of the rooms have bold print wallpaper which has actually gained popularity today. However, when a room did not have wallpaper, many of the pictures showed rooms painted white. From what I can tell, choosing white as a paint color allows furniture and accessories to stand out within a space. 
  2. Patterns The magazine shows the popularity of mixing patterns throughout all parts of a room, which can be outdated. However, the pictures do showcase the importance of mixing colors and patterns in order to make a room pop. 
  3. Furniture – Most of the furniture within the magazine still fit within today’s fashion standards. Sectional sofas were highlighted throughout. Many of the couches are leather or a solid color. Many of the chairs and tables were acrylic, very popular in today’s interior trends. 
  4. Carpeting – The entire magazine is filled with colored wall-to-wall carpeting along with area rugs in various rooms. Though colored carpeting is mostly outdated at this time, many homes still have wall-to-wall carpeting throughout each room. 
Regina Palladino

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Hi! My name is Gina Palladino, and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I attended an all girls, Catholic high school in Pittsburgh until beginning my time at Holy Cross this fall. I spend most of my free time scrolling through Pinterest, hanging out with friends and family, taking pictures on my digital camera, rewatching my favorite TV shows, making art, and listening to music. Some of my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Billie Ellish!