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If your “For You Page” has been anything like mine, all you’ve seen are clips of Timothée Chalamet’s triumphant return to Saturday Night Live. He hosted episode 4 of the show’s 49th season, alongside musical guest Boygenius. The last time Chalamet hosted was in December of 2020. That episode gave the world iconic songs such as “Tiny Horse” and a performance by “Lil Timmy Tim” alongside then-cast member Pete Davidson featuring the hit song “Yeet.” In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the segments that featured Timothée Chalamet.

In his monologue, Chalamet addresses the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike and how he can finally promote his upcoming movies such as Wonka and Dune II. He gave fans a taste of what’s to come in Wonka singing to the tune of the movie’s theme song to promote it and his other upcoming movies. He also talks about shooting a Chanel perfume commercial with Martin Scorsese. He begins rapping about having a baby-face with Marcello Hernández. I’d spoil it, but I really recommend watching the performance. 

His next performance is a skit called “Troye Sivan Sleep Demon” in which Chalamet plays singer Troye Sivan and performs the choreography from the singer’s “Got Me Started.” Sivan appears as a woman’s sleep paralysis demon. Chalamet breaks a few times but manages to pull through. According to his TikTok reacting to the sketch, Troye Sivan approves. Boygenius makes an appearance as other Troye Sivans. 

His next performance is as a failing musical artist about to jump off the ledge of a building in the Please Don’t Destroy sketch “Jumper.” This sketch faced backlash for its insensitive handling of suicide and is accused of making light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Chalamet’s unsuccessful musician asks that three men share his band called “Hamas,” pronounced like “Hay-mas,” on Instagram. The three men say they aren’t sharing a song by “Hamas” on Instagram, prompting Chalamet’s character to yell. He plays them more music, before dropping his phone which contains all his songs. The three men offer him a job at SNL and introduce themselves as “Please Don’t Destroy,” to which Chalamet’s character says “Nah, I’m good” and jumps anyway. 

Next, Chalamet plays the moon in the sketch “Little Orphan Cassidy.” An orphan girl finds herself unable to be adopted and sings to the moon about feeling unwanted. She reveals she’s 26 years old to which the moon responds saying that’s probably the reason she can’t get adopted. She continues to sing about reasons why she probably hasn’t been adopted while Chalamet’s moon reacts to these shocking revelations.

Chalamet also performs a reprise of his song called “Tiny Horse” from his appearance on SNL in 2020, this time singing about his “Giant Horse.” Chalamet, an intergalactic fighter, summons his old friend, a tiny horse. This now giant horse wants to “destroy the human race.” The giant horse switches sides and saves the day before shrinking back down to his “tiny” size.

Additionally, Timothée Chalamet performs a “Calm Sleep Story” in a spoof of the sleep stories from the Calm app. The story is about violence, prompting Chalamet to question the writer’s methods. He gets increasingly angry as he reads the story. Overall, it’s the opposite of a calm sleep story. Alec Baldwin makes an appearance. 

Chalamet makes a brief appearance as Martin Scorsese alongside other SNL stars who pretend to be celebrities auditioning to narrate the audiobook for Britney Spears’ memoir in the sketch “The Woman in Me: Auditions.”

In 2020, Timothée Chalamet and Pete Davidson performed “Yeet” in a segment mocking modern hip-hop music and Gen-Z in general. This time, Chalamet reprises his role in a sketch entitled  “Museum of Hip-Hop Panel.” Chalamet plays “SmokeCheddaDaAssGetta” whose song broke the record for most streams. The panelists discuss hip-hop’s legacy, while Chalamet’s character demonstrates his lack of knowledge. Chalamet breaks repeatedly, but manages to get it together and create arguably one of the funniest sketches of the night. He then performs his song which has surpassed three million streams. The song, just like the one from 2020, is complete nonsense, yet extremely funny. One of the panelists has heard enough and spanks Chalamet’s character. He calls his mom to come get him.  In the sketch “Gym Call” Chalamet plays a stereotypical gym employee who is unable to help a woman find her bag which she left at the gym. He’s a dumb gym-bro who can’t comprehend what the woman is saying. In the end he finds the bag, but the woman has already hung up the phone in frustration.

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