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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

1) Change Up Your Wardrobe

Switch out some of the brighter pieces in your closet for muted and neutral tones that are fitting for the fall and winter months ahead. After a long summer, it’s finally time for jeans, jackets, and Uggs to shine!

2) Decorate Your Space

Whether you’re living in a dorm room or a house, buying some fall decorations can go a long way. Invest in fairy lights, replace your throw pillows, or even add some mini pumpkins to the ledge of your desk (my personal favorite tip!) to give your space a cozier vibe.

3) Watch a “Fall” TV Show or Movie

I cannot recommend Gilmore Girls enough as it is not only a comforting, feel-good watch, but it channels the fall like no other show I’ve seen. Whether it’s the small-town setting or the constant flow of hot coffee at Luke’s Diner, this show never fails to help me grapple with the transition from summer to fall!

4) Spend Time Outdoors

What better way to get into the fall mindset than to actually witness the developing foliage? The next time you’re outside, make sure to take note of your changing surroundings. The trees may be mostly green now, but in a few short weeks, you’ll hear the crunch of red and orange leaves with each step you take.

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