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Thanksgiving break is almost here, and many of us look forward to spending the holiday with our families. However, it’s important to catch up with friends as well, and what better way to do so than Friendsgiving? If you are hosting, here are some helpful tips that will guarantee a good time for everyone!

Plan Ahead: RSVP

Ask your potential guests to RSVP to your Friendsgiving invitation. It’s important to know who’s coming so you know how many people you need to accommodate!

Create a List

Once you have a headcount of who will be attending Friendsgiving, create a shopping list. Food and drinks are obviously a must, but keep in mind that you may also need certain dishware, utensils, etc.

Make Enough For Leftovers

It’s definitely a smart idea to make more than enough food to make sure everyone is well fed. Plan to have plenty of leftovers! 

Assign Everyone a Dish To Bring

This method is a win-win: it reduces the amount of food you will have to cook and ensures that everyone will have at least one thing to eat that they will enjoy!

Appetizers and Drinks Upon Arrival

You may very well still be in the process of preparing dinner when guests start to arrive, so hold them over with some starters and drinks. Charcuterie boards and wine is a great combo!

Set The Mood

Whether you decide to light your fireplace or even invest in some fancy place settings, it’s vital to create a relaxing and welcoming ambiance to make your friends feel at home.

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