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How to Survive Enrollment on the Hill

Enrollment- the most dreaded 30 seconds of your life. The initial click of that button is crucial; it feels like a life or death matter, when it’s truly in the hands of HC Wi-Fi (and your fellow students who want to take your spot in a class). Here are some tips on how to survive everyone’s favorite 7 AM enrollment.

  1. Get Up Early and MOVEThis is definitely not ideal, but the key to enrollment is to find a spot on campus that has a good Wi-Fi connection. Prior to enrollment, take notice of which places on campus have the best connection. The morning of, set an alarm giving yourself enough time to walk to your destination and get set up. The Wi-Fi may not be great in your dorm, but moving to an alternate place will give you a better chance of not having the Wi-Fi die out on you.
  2. Have a Plan BWhen your advisors tell you to have alternate choices in your backpack, take this matter seriously. Of course all of us want to be enrolled into our first choice classes, but there are only a certain number of available seats. The most important part of enrollment is that you enroll yourself into four classes, whether they are your primaries or your alternates. It is essential that you have at least one alternate for every first-choice class, just in case it fills up.
  3. You Will Get FrustratedThere are always those people who go 4 for 4 with enrollment, but the majority will not get all the classes that they want. Remember, enrollment is a two-day period. People can decide that they want to switch out of a class, thus leaving more spots open. If you don’t get all the classes that you want, keep checking to see if any spots have opened up on STAR, then you can “SWAP”.
  4. An Email Doesn’t HurtIf you’re absolutely dying to take a certain class and it fills up, you could always try to email the professor that teaches the course asking if he or she could add one more spot.  If they say no, don’t fret. You could always try to take that class another semester.
  5. Do What Works For YouAlthough enrollment is a hit or miss situation, it’s important to remember that the point is to enroll in classes that you are interested in. Whether they are for your major or to fill a common requirement, create a schedule that you will enjoy. Holy Cross offers incredible courses with incredible professors, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Trust me, it will all work out in the end.
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