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How to Make Your Dorm Room Reflect Your Personality

How to Make Your Dorm Room Reflect Your Personality

School bells will be ringing in just about a month, and it’s time to start thinking about all the upcoming essentials for a fabulous start to the fall semester. While the ideas of new classes, memories, crushes, and the exciting addition of HC to HC may be flooding our minds, we must not forget about one of the most important aspects of campus life and style: our dorm rooms. On average, Holy Cross gives us a 12’ x 18’ space of white walls and tile floors to make into our own escape from the hustle and bustle of Mount St. James. After trekking through campus from Dinand on a chilly night, wouldn’t it be wonderful to relax in a room that feels like home and reflects your style? Here are six tips to keep in mind in order to make your space less of a dorm room and more of an oasis.

1. You and your roommate are in this together

When living with someone else, it is so important to respect their space and style. Communicate with each other about personal desires for the room. Maybe you love pink and can’t wait to use your Kate Spade comforter, while your roommate is super excited about her boho-chic tapestry. Talk about ways to merge your two unique styles and be willing to make compromises so both of you feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day. Who knows? You may love her music just as much as she comes to appreciate your pink rug.


2. Transform that plastic mattress into a bed fit for a queen

Although you may think that nothing can compare to your bed at home, try to have an open mind about building your bed at school. One of the most essential components to the perfect bed that often gets overlooked is a bed bug mattress protector. Continue to build your bed by finding a great mattress topper and mattress pad. I recommend splurging a little on your mattress topper, as it is a great four-year investment that truly makes a big difference. Make sure to find bedding that reflects your style, as your bed will be the focal point of your room. Lastly, throw in a little extra comfort and flair with a body pillow and some decorative pillows as well!

3. Become a DIY interior designer

Between now and the start of school there will inevitably be a few rainy afternoons. Take advantage of time spent indoors to put together some fantastic room decorations! Pinterest is a great place to find cute and affordable DIY projects that will bring unique style to those white walls. Use washi tape to make a photo collage of family and friends, plan a cool way to hang your twinkle lights, or order a photo print of your favorite travel spot. Not only will these projects be fun, but they will also highlight the things that make you, you.

4. Outsmart your tiny room

We all are prepared for small dorm rooms upon entering college; however, you may be surprised to find a room that is smaller than you anticipated. Before you panic about trying to fit all of your things from home into less than half the space, remember that a neat and organized room will feel more spacious. Utilize under the bed storage for out of season clothing and spare bedding. Stackable drawers, shoe organizers, and clothing bins will help to maximize closet space. Pick up some colorful desk accessories and binders to maintain an orderly desk where you will be able to focus. The last key to an organized room is to always have cleaning supplies on hand. If you keep things tidy, you will feel like you have control over your space.


5. Make your midnight snack possible

Unless you’re on a mission to retrieve Kimball trays (aka sleds) for some winter fun, there will be times when the walk to Kimball in the cold seems unbearable. When these nights happen, it is important to make sure you don’t starve in your dorm room mid-Netflix marathon. Appliances such as Micro-Fridges, Keurigs, and Magic Bullets will save the day. Make sure to keep microwave-safe dishware, glasses, and utensils in stock for late night Easy Mac, early morning coffees, and post-workout smoothies. Sometimes a non-Kimball snack is just what you’ll need if you’re missing Mom’s cooking.



6. Finishing Touches

Once you have all of the essentials covered, you can think about adding that last touch of sparkle, string of lights, or boy band poster in order to complete your room. Don’t forget a whiteboard on your door for special messages and a corkboard to post all of the pictures you capture with your friends as the year unfolds. Find time to enjoy the hard work you’ve put into your room, and be proud to welcome your friends into your humble abode. Even when dorm living gets tough, remember that living down the hall from fifty of your closest friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity!



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