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How to keep in touch with your BFF(s) from high school

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few whose high school best friend chose the same college as you, most people experience having to leave their bestie for college. It’s hard to picture your lifelong friend  taking pictures with new friends and having new inside jokes, and let’s not even talk about the physical distance that separates you two! Although you may only see each other over breaks and during the summer, we have some quick tips to keep the two of you feeling like nothing ever changed. So go ahead and share this article with your number one!

1. Weekly phone callsSure texting and the occasional email sent back and forth are great but nothing beats hearing the voice of someone familiar every week. Besides, advice over the phone is always better, and hearing her voice will make any issue or problem slowly disappear!

2. FacetimeWhen you really need to show your BFF the cute dress you’re going to wear to a formal or the horrible choice you made in dying your hair, they will be right there to admire your fab dress or laugh along with you at your ratchet hair job. 

3. Surprise care packagesWho doesn’t love getting a parcel notification, especially when you aren’t expecting anything in the mail. Treat your BFF to their favorite candy, mixtape of songs, letters of encouragement, and some fun nail polish. You are sure to bring a smile to their face and to remind them how lucky they are to have you.

4. Send photos to each otherSend each other photos of all the great times you have had together, including the awkward, still getting to know each other photos. You are sure to share a laugh when you realize how far you two have come.

5. Know each other’s new livesNow that you go to different schools, keep them updated on new friends, classes, professors, and your love life ;) By keeping your BFF in the loop ,the distance won’t be that hard!

6. Plan, plan, planHaving a set date for the next time you will see each other makes the months without each other a little bit more bearable. So, the next time you see each other make sure to set the next date. Also, add something special to the next visit – a movie you’re both dying to see, a concert, a hiking adventure, or a girls night in. Make the most of your time together and enjoy it!

7. Remember… don’t worryYour friendship with your bestie is one of the most special relationships you’ll have in your life! Even though you live miles apart and aren’t able to see each other that much, know they will always be there.