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I have found myself looking forward. Looking at the next assignment, the next weekend, my next goal. Continually I find my days gone within a second. I would sit wondering where my day had gone, not remembering what I had even done that day. Even physically, I found myself racing to my next class, only looking forward and not taking a moment to notice my surroundings. The only time I become aware of my surroundings is when I hold the door for someone. 

It feels odd to say but I have realized that I love the small interactions I get from holding a door open for someone. It feels so small but it truly is a gesture of human love, as if you are saying I will take a moment of my busy day to hold the door for you. It is not as if the person cannot open the door themselves; they are fully capable. Holding the door for someone shows that you want to make their life a little easier.

My point in saying this is sometimes life becomes so out of our control that it feels as if we are not living our life, but our life is happening to us. We become so focused on the next thing we are going to do that we lose sight of what makes life so meaningful. Taking a second of your day to hold the door for someone reminds you of where you are and what you are doing. It encourages you to say thank you and appreciate the small interactions we get to experience every day. So next time you walk through the door, stop for a moment and look around.

Emma Weiss

Holy Cross '26

Emma Weiss is a current Sophomore at Holy Cross, but she is originally from Michigan. She is a Political Science major with minors in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing. In her free time, she loves to explore Pinterest, make playlists, and drink coffee!