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Name: Henry Carr (henry_carr on Twitter, and henrycarr on insta, he follows back)

Year: Freshman!

Hometown: Wrentham, MA

Major: Political science with Middle Eastern Studies

Dorm: Hanselman, 2 Easy

Campus Activities: VP of Class of 2019, speaker for 15-40 (cancer prevention and awareness) “Feel your testes, feel your breasties!!”


Thing About HC: No bed time, sorry mom

Thing About Your Mom: *Audible groan* she puts me in my place

Sports Team: Patriots

Guilty Pleasure: Petty theft

Thing About Worcester: Today I saw two homeless people fighting on the street with a glass bottle…I hate my CBL

Chick Flick: Easy A

Memories from HC (So Far): breaking my ankle while going out off campus, shaving a tic tac toe board into the side of my head, hosting a rave in Hanselman, posing naked for the women’s rugby team

TV Show: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock

Meal On Campus: steak and cheese wrap from Croads

Pump-up Song: Vamos a la Playa

Drink of Choice: Unflavored Burnetts, I only chase it sometimes


Relationship Status: Single, but not desperate enough for Tinder

Celebrity Crush: Gigi Hadid, Miranda Cosgrove (she blocked me on Instagram)

Dealbreaker: Doesn’t come up to my shoulders (he’s 6’5’’ ladies)

Dealmaker: Gotta be sassy like my mom

HC girls are the best because…: they’re the whole package


What Advice Would You give Your First-Semester Self: “watch ya ankles”

Motto: After roasting someone “mic drop” and I do the hand motion

Man Crush Monday: Drake (as wheelchair Jimmy)

Stuck on an island, you can bring 3 things: bathing suit, sunscreen, a George Foreman grill

One Thing You Can’t Live Without: my Holy Crocs (his purple Crocs)

What is a current trend that girls/guys participate in that you hate?: Netflix and chill, because I don’t have a TV

Ideal Date at HC: A nice meal on the Stein 3 couches

Pet: Dog named Teddy and a cat that looks like a racoon named Ting Ting

Campus Crush: Swipe lady at Crossroads

Claim to Fame: Being on novice rowing for 3 weeks, but it was a LOOOONG 3 weeks

Dream Job On Campus: Being Iggy the Crusader

Shoutout to Someone: My boys in AA (promise it’s just a group chat name)

HC Bucket List: Get a girlfriend (still not desperate)

A North Carolina girl living in a Massachusetts world. College of the Holy Cross '19.
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