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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Hey Holy Cross, how are ya?  I just wanted to check in and see how things are fairing for you on Mount St. James. Please give my regards to Dinand, Kimball, and Caro Street and let them know that I will grace them with presence soon enough! So far abroad life is great! I love Galway and my fun and flirty HC crew as well as exploring the city and all the great things (bars?) it has to offer! But yes, we are also all still being very studious here too, not to worry! Be sure to let Dean Kramer and Father Boroughs know we are making Holy Cross proud and repping our purple at all times! Nevertheless, as much as I love everything about Ireland, I do miss certain things about you too! I know, I know, I said Galway wouldn’t be tooooo different, but I take that back. There are definitely a few things I am missing.


1.I miss Kimball. I miss Sis. I miss people watching. My friends and I were loyal and faithful to this establishment and frequented as much as we could. We are huge fans of weekend brunch, the stir-fry station, the sandwich station, chicken parm night, thanksgiving dinner, and of any and all dessert options offered at this premier venue. Now, regrettably, my roommates Clare and Meghan and I are forced to cook for ourselves. Ughh the horror! We are managing okay on eggs, toast, and frozen veggies, but we would give/do ANYTHING for your readily available and prepared delicious meals!


2.I miss the students, my friends, and the sense of knowing a good percentage of the people you pass by each day. At my school in Galway there are approximately 20,000 students enrolled. This vast number means that the classrooms hold upwards of 75-100 students and that I pass by more strange faces than familiar ones everyday. Though the people watching is pretty bomb here, the reality of not knowing a little bit about the person you are watching takes (a little) of the fun out of it. Not to worry though, this sense of unknowing does come in handy if I walk into the wrong lecture hall or drop my entire plate of food in the cafeteria, as no one will know who I am. Awesome!   


3.I miss your Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Okay I mostly just miss the pregames and leits and the excitement of wondering which off campus house we will frequent. And I miss burnetts and svedka and getting cheesy bread at 2am. Ugh it gets me giddy just thinking about it. Though we are still managing to squeeze some good college fun into our busy schedules, I will also say that I miss seeing anyone and everyone in the sci lib, dinand, or hogan on Sundays. I nearly whimper at the thought of inhouse and the sci lib cookies. However, though I can’t say that I miss studying in your libraries, I do miss your free printing and fab wifi connection!


So, even though I am missing Holy Cross more and more each day, some things I really don’t miss are your 5-day class schedules (I barely go to 3…oops), your staircases, your soon-to-be cold, disgusting winters, or your workload. Though it’s tough to be in a new place, my group and I are persevering and adapting more and more each day to our new home. If you want to be updated on my experiences even more, be sure to follow @triplets_abroad on insta! You won’t regret it, I promise!


Miss ya and can’t wait to be reunited! Be sure to keep in touch! Whatsapp me or facetime me anytime!



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