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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

It’s no secret that this past summer was a summer “for the girls” with star female singer and songwriter Taylor Swift’s The Era’s Tour blowing up and breaking sale records in addition to the release and ultimate success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie that became The Warner Bros. highest grossing film ever. Who’s to say that this momentum and female energy can’t carry on? 

As Halloween is approaching, I begin to think about all of the exciting aspects of Halloween as a female college student. My favorite part of all is being creative and getting to dress up! The possibilities for costumes are endless, and this year, many people are predicting that “Barbieween” is going to take over. If you don’t know what this means, it’s quite literally the idea that we girls go out and dress up as different variations of Barbie for Halloween, essentially transforming Halloween into a “Barbie world”. It may seem silly, but thousands of TikTokers, Instagram users, and Twitter accounts have expressed a desire to do this, justifying that not everyone will look the same as people will create and take on their own Barbie characters. Some of those in the movie that are predicted to be popular are “Stereotypical Barbie” (Margot Robbie), “President Barbie”, “Doctor Barbie”, and “Weird Barbie”. Even with variety, there’s no doubt that Halloween won’t be looking a little extra pink this year.

In addition to the potential Barbie breakout, Taylor Swift fans are still running strong (as is the Era’s Tour), and with her recent highly-publicized romance with the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Halloween (Taylor’s Version) is expected. While many plan to dress up as Taylor or her different Eras of music, others express a desire to do a couple of costumes as Taylor and Travis. This costume idea would be new and fresh and is predicted by many across social media platforms to be a top couple’s costume of the year.

Casey Treanor

Holy Cross '26

hi! i’m casey, a current sophomore at holy cross from westchester, new york. i’m an english major who enjoys spending time with friends, working out, and writing!