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In short, it is never too early to start celebrating Christmas. You can guarantee that my decorations will go up on November 1st, immediately after my pumpkins and costumes are retired. A fun fact about me is that Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, and the Christmas season is my favorite time of year, topping summer (unpopular, I know). I was born two days after Christmas, so I like to think that it’s in my blood to start getting into the spirit of the season absurdly early. I am definitely one of those people who completely skip over Thanksgiving in order to have the longest celebration possible. Christmas is a time of joy and family, which I think is the most important aspect of the season. I love giving to the people I love and seeing so many smiles while doing so. The music, the lights, the food…everything about it makes me so happy. Moreover, I thought I would share my favorite Christmas activities with you, now that Halloween is coming to a close (I know we still have a week, but as of today (October 25) there are exactly two months, or 61 days, until Christmas–that seems close enough to me)!

  1. Gingerbread House Party

This is an easy way to get into the spirit as well as a dorm-friendly activity–you can buy gingerbread house kits and set up shop just about anywhere. Take a break from studying with your friends, play some festive background music, and become the next Van Gogh with your decorating skills. Spice it up with some competition: after everyone finishes, post a picture of the finished products and have your followers vote on which one is best executed. Disclaimer: A competitive nature can bring out a completely different side to a person, so stay safe out there!

  1. Christmas Tree Shopping and Decorating

Although I am unable to help my parents pick out the perfect tree in college, I can do the same thing with my roommates to spruce up our living room. A simple mini tree from Target and a pack of ornaments and lights from Dollar Tree will do the trick, and it will make the cutest night with friends. I don’t know about you, but seeing a lit-up Christmas tree puts me in the mood within seconds. There is nothing better!

  1. Christmas Movie Night

Hear me out: Pillsbury Christmas cookies right out of the oven, a candy cane candle burning, and your favorite holiday movie on the TV. This is how I would describe Heaven. It is impossible to choose a top Christmas movie since they are all classics on their own, but if I were forced to pick, I would probably go with The Polar Express. Obsessed is an understatement! Get everyone together, take a long time to decide on what to watch, and bask in the merriness that is ever-so-present (no pun intended). Nothing gets me into the holiday essence like a movie marathon!

  1. Homemade Gifting

Consumerism is at an all-time high during the Christmas season, and it can be stressful figuring out who you are buying for, what you are buying, and how much you are spending. I have always preferred receiving handmade gifts because I know the gift-giver took time and thoughtful energy to make something that I would appreciate. Knowing that something was made by someone I love makes me value it that much more. In my family, we do a twist on Secret Santa–while it follows the same rules in selecting one name, the gift we give the person must be homemade. I will admit that I was annoyed at first, as it seemed much easier to pick something up at the mall; however, after years of this tradition, I have come to treasure the special backstory that each present provides. I look forward to making a gift for a family member each Christmas and I highly recommend trying it out with friends or family.

  1. Day in Boston

Since we are so close to Boston, I always love a fun day of holiday festivities to get into the spirit. An ideal plan for me would entail a hot chocolate at L.A. Burdick Chocolates in Back Bay, skating at Frog Pond, walking through the lights in Faneuil Hall, visiting Snowport at the Seaport where you can shop local Boston businesses, and seeing the Nutcracker at the Opera House. This can be done any day by taking the Worcester train to South Station and would make a perfect winter Saturday with your girlfriends. I am highly aware that it may seem absolutely crazy that I am writing about the holidays in October, but I just could not wait any longer–Christmas is in season!

Emily Johnson

Holy Cross '25

Junior English major at the College of the Holy Cross