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Everyone Loves an Irish Girl: Why St. Patty’s Day is arguably one of the best holidays to celebrate.

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Maybe I’m biased because my family is super Irish, but I am SO excited for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve argued this for years, but let simply convince you why St. Patty’s is one of the best holidays there is: 

  1. Low Pressure – Unlike Valentine’s Day, where you’re tasked with stressing over the perfectly appropriate gift to get someone or making reservations at a busy restaurant, this is a low-stakes holiday. There’s no presents to buy, no crazy pressure to make the perfect plans. It is simply revolved around having fun, whether that be with family, friends, significant others, or all of the above.
  2. It’s your choice how to celebrate – You have SO many options for how you want to spend the day. There are many parades in most cities, you can do something small with friends, or go to something bigger that might be happening on your campus, or local downtown pub. OR, if none of these options appeal to you, do nothing. It’s not going to be seen as strange if you’re not spending the day celebrating. 
  3. The Outfits – I actually think St Patrick’s Day is the holiday that is the most fun to dress up for. You can go cute, casual, funny, whatever you want. This year I already have ordered my shirt: a green baby tee that says “Everyone loves an Irish Girl” (yes, I take any chance to reference Gilmore Girls).  

So, enjoy your St. Patty’s Day however you chose to do so. If you do plan to celebrate, I also recommend eating some chocolate coins, dancing with your friends to Tell Me Ma, and singing along to Shippin up to Boston.

Caroline Hanson

Holy Cross '27

Caroline Hanson is currently a freshman at Holy Cross studying psychology and education. She is from Lowell MA and plans to be a school psychologist before pursuing private practice! Se spends her time with family and friends, playing golf, and doing mental health advocacy work!